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Excerpt from Heros, Saints and Yogis:  Tales of Self Discovery and the Path of Sikh Dharma by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa and Guruka Singh Khalsa

Though wearing white (preferably cotton or other natural fabric) clothing is not necessarily part of the Sikh tradition in India, as Western Sikhs who largely came to this path through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and the technology that Yogi Bhajan taught, we usually do wear white turbans and clothing whenever practical.

White is universal, in that it reflects all colors, and white light holds the wavelengths of the whole spectrum of colors. So it magnifies the strength of our electromagnetic field, or aura, and deflects negativity around us. White also represents purity of the physical body as well as the consciousness. Notice, if you have a chance, how you feel and what you think when you see someone dressed all in white.

Wearing white also makes us more aware and conscious of our actions, because it shows the dirt easily! Natural fabrics are kinder to our electromagnetic fields as well, because they allow unobstructed energy flow. Wearing all white is a technology and an experience that anyone can have. Try it, see how it makes you feel. You may like it!

Excerpts from lectures from Siri Singh Sahib about the topic of wearing white

Why we wear white? We wear white, it’s a science… You got to wear cotton and you got to wear white. For Sun energy so that your skin can breathe. Why we wear colors, why? Because we want to look different. But when we wear yellow we see two hundred people wearing yellow; there will be no difference. For the skin, for the skin and for the breath of life, because our skin breathes, that’s why we all wear cotton and white. And it’s very graceful that’s true. It keeps us very alert, because when you wear white then you cannot act dark. You know what I mean? It’s a conscious thing too. It’s not everybody can wear it.white-colors

It is a question of mental strength. When your mind will become very clear you will come out of the rainbow to the light. White has seven colors in it. White is constituent of seven colors. If you don’t believe it, split the ray of the Sun, you will find the rainbow. So I mean, all I am doing is wearing all the seven colors of the rainbow.  But I look white and therefore I am obligated to act white. It’s a matter of consciousness, you know what I mean?  Excerpted from this lecture

Sikh religion is not the property of those who tie turban. Sikh religion is not the property of those who wear white, though these are very welcome signs. We wear white, because we believe in light of God and Guru.  We wear white because we appreciate the Guru Nanak has adopted us.  We wear white because there are seven colors in it.  We wear white because it is a color of therapy.  We wear white, because it enhances our arc line and all that.

We shall always wear white, because we are clean, clear conscious, innocent people, who have come to the house of the Guru. We don’t wear black because we are not nothing to mourn about. We don’t wear black because we are not sad about anything… Excerpted from this lecture

White bana only reminds you to remain white in action, deed and character, commitment. White bana doesn’t do any favor to you. It’s just a simple favor. When you’ll come to the aura of an animal, it will give you a reflected six inches to one foot more, that’s all.

sikh-women-wearing-whiteAll persons cannot wear white, we definitely recognize the fact. It’s a fact that the most difficult wear for a person is cotton; complete cotton and absolute white. It’s the most, because it gives you an auric edge; because it feeds your auric body; therefore, it is very, very, very difficult to be a banana when you wear absolute white.     Excerpted from this lecture

To remain pure, to remain spiritual, dedicate yourself to the spirit, have faith in the spirit. That is human. The purpose of human is that you do not respond reactionally to any emotion and commotion, and you do not lose the touch of compassion. That is human. Otherwise you are a two-legged animal….

Somebody once asked me, “Do you hate color?”  I said, “No, I don’t.”  “Why you ask your people to wear white?”
I said, “Those who wear white are related to the spirit. Those who wear body colors are related to the mind and maya. And those who wear gray colors are related to the earth. I want my people to relate to spirit, that’s why I encourage them to wear white. I don’t have boutique shop and I don’t run business. It’s not my criteria.” My criteria is, that you should live healthy, happy and holy. You should live in love and compassion. You should live in kindness and ecstasy of God. You should be living in bliss, and be blessed.  Excerpted from this lecture


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  1. sushant tufchi says:

    Hello, I am a kashmiri Pandit and some how been an avid disciple of GURU GOVIND SINGH JI,since my childhood.
    I am 40 yrs old and started kundalini meditation when I was 15 yrs old.
    Today after my meditation session was over I had a sub conscious visiting of the great Guru, he came as always handsome and today was wearing everything in white….
    Bless all.

    Sushant Tufchi
    Pune India.

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