When the Future Calls on You

universal grace

July 6, 1988 Lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

There is a one line. You can remember it and you can understand it.

Aasan lo-eh lo-eh bhandaar.
Jo kichh paa-iaa so eykaa vaar.
–31st Pauree of Japji Sahib
It is a pauree of the Japji.

Aasan…..AAA-san. You will be very surprised. When we sit in a yoga, and we perfect a posture, it is called “a-san.” Sun is also known in English as the sun which shines. Son also spelled differently means the child, the male child is called “son.” San is when the light is established. Aa-san… “I have established the light.” And the one who has established the light through the light, through the spread of the the light, lo-eh, through the spread of the light, has created a storehouse, a warehouse… bhandaar.

Jo kichh paa-iaa so eykaa vaar. All what has to be gotten has been gotten once and for all. And the Doer, that One Doer, watches it. Kar kar vekhai sirajanahaar.

We do things but we don’t watch them. We don’t enjoy them. We don’t relate to the things as we should. We don’t watch our actions, we don’t plan our actions, we have no mastery over our actions. Because we don’t act, we react! As the forces force us, we react. That’s a human nature. Self-defense is a human nature. If somebody is coming towards your eyes or something is coming towards your eyes, without your acknowledging it, your eyes, though the eyelids are very thin and not very strong… they are not that of steel, but they will close. At least they will save you from dirt, dust and storm.

Human body has an automatic system to react through self-defense. But when we do automatic self-defense and react against the pressures, then we do not play our part. Then our individual intelligence plays no part. Sikh Dharam is not a religion who teaches you to act and react to reality. There are 22 religions, 8 major religions. They tell you to act and react, or in case of reaction, how you should conduct. In case of action, how you should conduct. They also promise you… religion promises you heavens, it promises you God, it promises you lot of things. Sikh Dharam doesn’t promise anything.

Sikh Dharam actually does not believe going to heavens is a big thing. Sikh Dharam does not believe seeing God and saying, “Hello,” and shaking hands with God is anything. Then what is Sikh Dharam? If all this every religion teaches, then what is that that Sikh Dharam teaches? Sikh Dharam teaches that you BECOME God for OTHERS, or for an individual who is in need. Come out to the help of the needy. “Seva” means to come out voluntarily to the help of the needy to uplift the needy, to a consciousness of ecstasy, and making him feel that he’s ‘Ik Ong Kar,’ he’s the creation of the One God!

Sikh Dharam has been very misinterpreted. And has been polluted by the inlets from other religions. Sikh Dharam is a way of life. Its total philosophy is based on a few words: “Ik Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasaad.” One created the creation and True Guru has blessed us with a gift.

Our total life is True Guru’s gift. There’s no space for monkey-business. There’s no space for emotions, commotions, wrong feelings or wrong doings. There’s no place for depression and for inferiority. Sikh has no inferiority. It has no superiority. A man who brags and shows the superiority complex and shows, “Come and see my this, and show me this”

Homai naavai naal virodh hei.
Ego has an animosity with God.
–Guru Amar Das, SGGS p. 560

Even if you show that you are very spiritual, you are doing exactly the same wrong which a person is doing who is saying, “I am no good.” No good and too much good is not the Sikh way of life. It is anti-Sikh philosophy. Sikh believes fundamentally, for everything to come or follow in one concept: Gur prasad.

Sat Gur Prasad: True Guru’s Gift. The True Guru has gifted me as what? Ik Ong Kar. One who created all, created me. So keep that balance that when I meet somebody, and I find somebody, he has forgotten that he is Ik Ong Kar. You forget all the time. You count your money, you count your properties. You count your friends and you count everything which is power behind you or power you can relate to. Or circumstances you think can come in handy. A Sikh doesn’t!

Jo kichh paa-iaa so eykaa vaar. Whatever I got, I got it once, and ‘at once’ is what? Sat Gur Prasad.

There are two ways to live. One way is to just be the light, and then everything will come. Be the hub, all the world will revolve, go around you. OR, go out, hustle, hassle, be miserable, make others miserable. That is called “serving the ego.” That has nothing to do with Sikh Dharam.

Sikh Dharam believes if you are grace, everything shall race towards you. Everything races towards the grace. That is the basic fundamental Sikh Dharam. And why Sikh? Because we have to learn to behave so. We have to learn to live so. We have learned to be so. There’s no territory, country, a particular discipline, a particular way of life which is better than any other. There’s no competition. There is a reality.

I have been born in a Sikh family. And I have been trained as a Catholic to start with. The first thing which ever affected me… and I was supposed to be religious… was Catholicism. Sacred Heart was the convent and you know, Christ is the only son of God. Everything else is son of the chickens or the hen, whatever. And he died because we sinned, and now he has died because of our sins, and now we can sin every day. Who cares? And if you sin, you go for confession and get 20 Hail Mary’s and that kind of stuff, and get out of it. It’s a very funny thing! So to understand Christianity in detail, something happened to me.

One day the chapel bell rang. Big one. It was a huge bell. You can hear it for miles and miles. It is a huge bell. And I was supposed to go to the chapel for the prayer and I didn’t go. So it was house mother, and Mother Superior and whole thing. And punishment business. And Mother Superior said, “Bhajan, why should not you be punished? You denied the call of God.” I said, “I didn’t deny the call of God. I was listening to the call of God. You were all wasting time.” Now I was a little boy, just imagine, not a big one. Just little. Little more than Angad, and very skinny. If you knew me as a child, you couldn’t even lift me, it was just taking away bunch of wood or a few bones. I was the skinniest kid on the block. So, when this skinny kid said, “I was listening to God, the call of the God, you were all wasting time,” I then said, “What do you mean by when these bells ring?” “It is a call of the God.” I was listening. I was silent, I was together. I was in a posture. I didn’t move. Everybody
moved. To try and understand what these people are telling and why I am not buying it, I had to study Judaism.

When I studied Judaism, I understood how to brush the teeth. Even that is explained! How to look and not to look. Such a detail! And one thing I didn’t like in Judaism, or in Christianity, or in Islam… Then I had to study Islam, because all our peasants were Muslims and we had to study their religion. And even that study, I’m grateful, was available. But one thing always conflicted with me… that the Bible said, “Thou shalt not kill”, and it doesn’t give any reason what not, how not to kill. How come a man has gone away from that reality of the commandment and he has made a kosher and a non-kosher and that kind of stuff? So I found religion is a religion, commandment of God is a commandment, but interpretation is individual. So every reality is always one, it’s always “Ik”, it was always “Ik”, it always shall be “Ik” and it cannot be anything but “Ik”! Interpretations always are two, three, seven, million, two hundred thousand. And everybody interprets according to the
will, the knowledge, the accomplishment, the stage, the environments, the geography, mood, time and space.

So I came to a conclusion that there’s no religion. It’s all a bogousity to collect money and to control people. It’s a reality used for non-realistic purposes. It is the biggest con, charlatan thing ever produced. And religion is nothing but an opium of mankind. And then I said, “My God, I have become a Communist. It is a Russian thought!”

Having visited all holy places, having been blessed by all holy men, meeting and playing in their arms, learning scriptures… that I continued, but inside I was so anti-religion, you can’t believe it! When I started talking about anti-religion sentiments in me, in a very polite and mannerful way, you know, I was very well-trained. I was supposed to be a prince of estates, so I was trained well to behave. So I’ll say, “Anybody has seen God? What do they say about It?”

Basically, one day I confronted my grandfather on that issue. I thought, “Charity begins from home,” and I said, “Grandpa, this religion is a reality, isn’t it?” He said, “Yeah.” I said, “But nobody lives it.” He said, “Guru Nanak wants it that way, don’t you understand?” What was the idea of coming of Guru Nanak? To start another religion? Guru Nanak NEVER wants you to study religion as a ritual! Guru Nanak wants you to study religion as it is. What is religion then? What is reality? Reality is to BE real. How to be real? There are SOOOO many realities. There is such a painting going on, it is a bizarre situation. What is this? One says, “This is right,” and the other says, “This is right.” Then I found out the Siri Guru Granth is one Guru which said it with a seal, like an executive order. It deals with human feelings, sentiments, facets, choreographies, human life towards reality. That is what it means: “IK Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad.” That we cannot have many.

That is why in the early days, every place we used to call it, “Dharamsala.”…. It comes from the word: “Shala.” Ve-shaa. Where you learn to know the Infinite. Shala. And in speaking Gurmukhi, we call it ‘sala.’ It means totality of Infinity where it is learned. It is a little… shala is very presentive and sala is very Infinite. Doesn’t matter….Dharam means where you know ultimately what righteousness is. Not for you. For ALL!

There’s another problem. Every religion teaches you what is right for you. Look at this misfortune. Every religion teaches you what is right for you. Sikh Dharam teaches what is right for all. And that’s why it is very difficult to be a Sikh.

I really appreciate you, those of you who have adapted Sikh Dharam. With no help! I am no help. And no help is there. Help is very limited. Sikh Dharam is very unlimited. So what I thought is, you must have been Sikhs and you are Sikhs. Because it is a living reality for all. Sikh Dharma is different from every religion in one way. It does not accept my goodness to myself. It accepts all goodness by me. And it makes me to make everybody feel good. And that’s God to a Sikh. That’s why I say God is G-O- D, God. Good is G-O-O-D.

Ik sansaaree ik bhandaaree ik laa-e deebaan.
–30 pauree of Japji Sahib

Bhandaaree, organizer. Vishnu, organizer. Central “O” of God. And in ‘good’, there are two ‘o’s. Two Vishnus. Two bhandaarees. Do bhandaaree.

When I made a religion and I made a temple, in my temple I went and my congregation came, but I went and made a restaurant and EVERY congregation came. Bhandaaree. Langar. In Sikh Dharam, understand certain things. Sangat and Pangat. Harmonious sangat, harmonious congregation is called ‘sangat’. From where word comes, sangeet? Music. Harmony. Harmonium which you play. The name of harmony is sangat. When everything is harmonious it is sangat. And then there is a pangat. Where you are satisfied, your thirst is quenched, is called pangat. And there’s an alternative word to it: Pandgat — where you get the water. Pangat where you are satisfied with the water. Pavan guru pani pitaa. Where your authority, authenticity of self is contained is called pangat. There are two words in Sikh Dharam, sangat and pangat.

As learning makes you learned. I am in gratitude that Guru prasad, that Guru, gave us the Golden Temple. And in a way surprised, Guru made us the Golden Temple very small. It cannot be fortified. It cannot be closed. It has four doors to it. One bridge, ONE bridge, and four doors. That is the beauty of “Ik Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasaad.” The design of the Harimandir is based on one bridge and four doors. All can come from all sides, but all shall walk across the bridge, one bridge.

It is surprising, Sikh Dharam, through every aspect of its life, teaches you one thing only: “Ik”! Ik Man, Ik Chit. One mind, and one intellect. It doesn’t let intellect play the game. In Sikh Dharam there is no game. What is the solution of not playing game? Come out, look like a Sikh, be like a Sikh. And the world can recognize you that you are a learner and the surrounding is very much to teach you to learn.

Sikh Dharam doesn’t teach you to give your children a lot of love. It tells you to give your children a lot of values. Love is emotional, earthly communication. Hugs, when you give somebody too many hugs, when they face the REAL life, they get too many bugs.

I was telling somebody, I said…You know, today actually I became very good student. I studied with Guru Amrit the psychological profiles of people who take drugs by the psychiatric association of America. There was a great profile detail. How people get into things and once they get into those things, what it represents. Like people who drink martinis are those who are… who want to wear the pants in the house. Authentic, authoritative, (I don’t want to say the other word but it means not right. Let’s put it politely.) Alcoholics, those who always want that outside energy is the way of life, nothing inside can come through.

But one of the greatest addiction is ego-maniac. Ego of the mother, she puts everything into child but its value. Mother is a nursing and nurturing individual known to the child from the first day. And whatever values mother has to give to the child, she cannot give when child is born. She can only give to the child between the 120th day up to day of birth. And that is one thing which she can do, nobody else can do. There’s a one relationship, the real relationship between the mother and the child. That is, in that pregnancy she can teach child how to be a saint.

Now they have found out in the medical science that children who have listened to certain operas when they are in the womb, when outside they are born and they start misbehaving, if they are played those opera tunes, they become calm, quiet and peaceful. Now, we have been talking about this for 20 years. That’s why we made that song for children to put them to sleep under the personal protection of Guru Ram Das. Now, those of you who have those children, who have been…that’s why at 120th day we want the mother to grow to one gift. Give one gift to your born. Give him now! It starts one 120th day. Giving a child an education, giving the child a moral, giving child the design, giving child the strength is not when the child is outside and idiot mother wants to give all the books. That mother is not a mother. She is just a piece of meat. The mother gives the child a pattern to the neurons in the formation of the brain set of the child when the child is getting those little neurons.
Little neuron is a very little thing in the brain. When the child starts developing the brain and the gray-matter, in those neurons, whatever pattern the mother sets becomes the individual, infinite, one thing, Ik, which lives until death. There’s no two ways! And that is the gift the child needs. If a mother practices martial arts, gurbani, meditation, strength, courage, from 120th day to the day of delivery, you don’t have to tell that child, “Do this, do that.” He will tell you, or she will tell you. That’s one gift a mother has to give. That is Ik Ong Kar.

The greatest thing a father or a mother can do when we are 16 is to give us the car keys. They give a car, too. And if they are rich, they give you a sporting car. If they are mediocre, they give you kind of a middle-class. If they are very rich, they’ll give you something much better. If very poor, they may buy second hand, some little thing. Or these days, they may not give anything. But traditionally they give you a car. But they never gave you the Ik Ong Kar!

There are certain words, “sakaar,” “nirankaar,” Ong Kar,” “Kar,” “Chaokay da hamaare ram kaar.” Ram Kaar is that study when divine Sita was left alone, Ram had already gone and she was egomaniacally telling Lakshman to go after her husband to be protected because she was interferring in her own mind that there is some danger. Now, when she thought Ram is in danger, what else you think can go right? So when she told Lakshman that he is disobeying her, he said, “All right, I’ll obey you if you promise you’ll obey.” And she said, “All right. That’s a good agreement. You obey and I obey.” “It’s a promise? You are my mother. Promise?” Mother promised. Then he took an ordinary flour from inside and drew a line around the house with a mantra. And he said: “Mother, don’t cross this line, and nothing will touch you.” Chaokay da hamaare ram kaar. Ik Ong Kar. Merz dee kaar. It is all kaar. Story and the whole word is that of ‘kar.’ Because it is a movement. Anything can move, anything can move is ‘kar.’ Kar
sevaa. You are not the only one in the West who has got a car. Kar is a very old word.

So she was told not to come out of that line, out of that orbit, out of that territory. Now Ram, who has the wisdom of 10 Gods, that’s a Ram, the ruler of Lankaa… knowing of four vedas… got all the blessings and Sat Gur Prasad from every world… got into the vengeance. He forgot the Sikh mantra, “Nirbhao, Nirvair.” You cannot be without revenge if you have fear. You have to be fearless to not be revengeful. Whenever there is a fear, you’ll have the vengeance, you’ll have the jealousy and you’ll have the inferiority complex attacking you. These are certain things which you must learn. So that Ravan, came, became a Sadhu, and asked for Bikshaa. “Maa bikshaa dee-um”. Oh Mother, give me the alms.

Sita heard it. She brought food, she respected the line, and she asked him to enter to get it. He knew that he is not good, he can’t enter the Ram Kaar. He knew it. This is how the patterns of mantras work. So he said, “You come out and give it to me.” A sadhu became chela. A holy man wanted to have a hole of sin, of vice. So all that glitters is not gold. And the mother forgot. Moment she put her step, when she put her hand out, it was all right. But when she put her step out, she was out of step. He grabbed her. Whole Ramayan starts. And Guru says, “Chaokay da hamaare ram kaar dukh lagai naa paaeh.” We have that line around us. Sat guru pooraa bhetiaa jas bant manaaeh. True Guru, Sat Guru, True Guru, Perfect Guru, Bhetiaa, I have offered myself. And that has caused this cause. Bant. Bantar, tantar, mantar, antar, patantar, sotantar. These are all words you have to learn. They are whole science. People just read them, ignore them. “Antar gur araadhana.” “Man mantar saad sambaalee-ay.”

So basically the life is, in Sikh Dharma, very dedicately, delicately and explicitly explained for ALL human beings, for ALL time, for ONE purpose: BE HAPPY. Happiness is very great. Happiness runs in a circular motion. Life is like a little boat upon the sea. You can have it all if you let yourself be. You remember that song? How’s it sound? Can I hear it? (Sangat sings the song: “Happiness runs in a circular motion, life is like a little boat upon the sea. Everybody is a part of everything, anyway. You can have it all if you let yourself be. Why? Oh… because!”)

You know what it is? Nanak nam cherdi kala, tere bane sarbat ka bala. This is the English translation of it. Nanak nam cherdi kala, tere bane sarbat ka bala. Now sing it in English. (Sangat sings the song again.) Why? Because you want to be happy. The question is Why? Why? Because. Because you want to be happy. Purpose of life is to be happy. And why we are unhappy? Because, be-cause, because what? Sing it again. (Sangat sings the song again.)

Now, you want to know the entire gist of all what has been said in religion before you, and what there can be said after you? You want to know in a few lines? Huh? And you want to know the highest, the purest and most beautiful prayer of all times to come, all times to go, all times now? Can you tell me what it is? (Someone begins singing again.) No, no, no, no, not true. May the Long Time Sunshine Upon You. All Love Surround You. And the Pure Light Within You, Guide Your Way On. This is it! This is the totality, the reality, the projection and the objectivity, subjectivity of Sikh Dharam. Cherdi kala! Keep up!… the same thing.

The entire concept of the Khalsa is in the Song of the Khalsa. So what has happened is, in the Western world as it is, you have created a reality by the will of the God. And through the grace of the Guru there is a doubt. There is a doubt that will break their spine. Sikh is a very beautiful nation. I left in a year….in 1966… and later I read a note, “How to conquer India. The Russianization of India.” A document, in which I studied how the Russian Secret Service has found out that they cannot turn India to be a Communist ally or a satellite until the Sikhs are wiped out. And when it was translated to me, there was one line which I still remember, was very clear cut. It said, “A Sikh by nature believes in God. To make him believe otherwise is such a hard job that it cannot be accomplished. Therefore the best course of action will be to wipe them out.” When I understood the Russian intelligence had gathered one thing, and they are very successful. They made a rupee trade. Rupee
trade means no foreign currency. India will pay back in rupees, they will pay back in rubles. So no foreign currency comes in between. They made an agreement. That was the worst day for India to go into! So what they gave? They gave 10 billion dollars worth of armaments to India. Ten billion in armaments! So entire Indian army is dependent on Russian armaments. You understand that? And out of ten billion cost, they say, “We’ll charge you two billion only. Eight billion, comrade, is a friendship gift.” Big deal! Somebody gives you ten dollars and says, “You pay me back only two dollars”, you love it, won’t you? So they said, “For those two billion dollars, what we’ll get? We’ll get textiles, leather materials, all your fishery and products thereof. All vegetables, your mangos, bananas, your coconuts, and what not.” What they get for two billion dollars is valued in USSR for 20 billion dollars, rate of exchange and price value! Not only that, they get Kashmir carpets and sell them to other communist
countries at ten times, twenty times, value. They have monopolized the entire trade and entire control. And that conflict has led down to the attack on Sikhs.

The Indian policies at the moment are not innocently developed in New Delhi. They come from the Kremlin. This entire facade you are hearing or you are listening… Sikhs in India….actually speaking facts, Sikhs are the martial race. They are responsible for bringing freedom to India. They are responsible for defending India. But why they are being wiped out? Why all this genocide? Why this whole drama? Why desecrating the Golden Temple which is the most respected shrine of the whole India? It is to break the heart and to break the spine of the Sikhs as a nation. But they forgot, Sikhs are all over the world. Sikhs are not in India alone. Sikhism has crossed the Sutlej river, the boundaries. And you’ll find a difference between you and Indian Sikhs… there is a love, there is a raport, but there is a cultural difference, and people who have been Sikhs in Africa, they find the same as you feel. Sikh is one… Cultures are many. You know some are sourdough cultures, sour cultures, some are sweet cultures. You
know, cultures have many effects in making even in making a yogurt.

Here’s a mankind. And basically people respect their culture and sometimes prefer it to the duty that the religion teaches them to be. That is why I think Guru was very kind and very graceful to give us pangat, so we all can sit together and eat together, so we may not have any difference of our relationship. And we can sit together, we can worship the Guru. We should understand the word. Sikh Dharam is for all. It gives you not only dictates. That’s the difference between Sikh Dharam and other Dharams. It doesn’t tell you, command you, to serve everybody. It also lays down the technology how you can develop that strength to serve everybody. How you can learn the self, self-knowledge, self-defense, how can know the games of the mind. Sikh scripture, Siri Guru Granth Sahib, talks to the mind more than ever at any time a great Guru has talked to his disciple. It talks to the mind. Therefore the words, “Ik Ong Kar” have a very special meaning. It has a very special aspect. And it is not a joke of the earth. And it is
not a totality of the heavens. It is the reality of the day. When lived, and understood, then you don’t find God, God finds you. Because the victory through you is the victory of God. Purity through you is the purity of the God. That is why Guru Gobind Singh gave us: “Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!” One day you shall participate to build at Guru Ram Das Puri the Raaj Yog Takhat of Guru Ram Das. Takhat Raaj Yog. You will build it . It will be unique and it shall live thereafter. It is destined to set the vibration and to give you and your children and grandchildren 5000 years of peaceful living. In the year 2035 you’ll establish the base of it.

Now you’ll ask me, “Well, we are very few Sikhs. How it is going to happen?” I am asking you, just go back 1988 years, where was Christianity? Go back 3000 years, where were the Buddhs? Go back just couple of thousand years, where were the Muslims? Don’t misread me because of fear! When hand of God wants something, it happens. Why?

Ekaa maaee jugat viaaee tin chele parvaan.
Ik sansaaree ik bhandaaree ik laae deebaan.
Jiv tis bhaavai tivai chaavai jiv hovai furmaan.
Oh vekhai ohnaa nadar naa aavai bahotaa eho vidaan.
–from 30th pauree of Japji Sahib

God sees but you cannot see. Bahotaa eho vidaan. This is very surprising, this is very great thing.

Aades tisai aades. AAd aneel anaad anaahat jug jug eko ves.
–from 30th pauree of Japji Sahib Why so? Because…

Asan loeh loeh bhandaar. Jo kich paaiaa so aykaa vaar.
Kaar kar vekhai sirajanahaar. Naanak sache kee sachee kaar.
–from 31st pauree of Japji Sahib

Ik Ong Kar, and your car. When you buy sachee kar, then you don’t have to buy Mercedes and whatever the others are… Rolls Royce. Those are cars. A Sikh is supposed to buy sachee kaar. Naanak sache ke sachee kaar. Really, word is ‘kar’, spell it any way you want. What is next?

Aades tisai aades. Aad aneel anaad anaahat jug jug eko ves.
–from 31st pauree of Japji Sahib

You understand that? If you understand these two things, you will realize everything.

We are very fortunate that we are remembering the sacrifice day of the Akal Takhat… and we’ll continue to remember it to inspire ourselves and our children to come, and our generations to follow, our race to be. And whatever humble contribution God wants you all to be a part of it, shall be a privilege. Just remember, all purity belongs to Wahe Guru, and all victory belongs to Wahe Guru!

With these words and asking to be forgiven for not pulling you to the level where I feel myself to be, I have to admit since I am not healthy and well, my sensitivity of the earth has gone much more little and many times you will find me physically not moving, or falling apart or those kind of things. And this body of mine which is in existence before you is on an extension line. And there are some of you whose prayer even God couldn’t deny. If the psychosomatic energy of the magnetic field of the individual is extended beyond death because of the prayer, it is called ‘karamaat’, it is called ‘miracle.’ Many of you may be innocently praying and not aware of the fact, but I am VERY aware of the fact that every breath of my life so extended is because of your prayer. Because of your extension. Medically, personally and otherwise there’s no reason for it. So I’m grateful that you gave me the choice to extend myself and then serve you with all that I’ve got… to give it to you what it should be. In certain ways you may not get
that attention, personal or impersonal from me. Well, you must understand basically I’m born blind and the only way I recognize things is by the aura as computerized by my memory section of my brain. And sometimes your aura mis-represents you. And in that duality I do not understand what to say.

Therefore please understand, that as many days as we have in this life, the future rests with you because the victory rests with you. All I ask you, for what I have done for you, is one thing: Give me one womb, one egg, and one seed and one child which can turn the world from unhappiness to happiness. There’s no prayer which is not for peace. Prayer IS peace and peace IS prayer. And that can only happen if one of you listens to the Guru’s words and gives your purity a chance of victory. Rest is all unhappiness and wastefulness.

I hope if you just understand the meaning of the word, “Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh,” and start developing that concept of happiness, and in the dictate of cherdi kala, of higher self, you intend to give sarbat da bala, (it cannot be done by giving money, it cannot be done by all race, it cannot be done by winning a land and buying a land and territory, it cannot be done by building a big home, ‘homeh’… ego), it can be only done in one way: Giving the unhappy mankind happiness and giving the unpeaceful world peace. By Guru’s light, by Guru’s word, the victory shall come to you. Purity is your birthright. But when you meet… touch every heart. Touch it with one angle, that you are representing the Guru. That’s what “Sat Gur Prasad,” means. The day you represent yourself, that day you are representing nothing. The day you represent the Sat Guru, you are representing God!

I have a practical experience which I’ll narrate it to let you know. When I went to India to visit Harimandir and we were coming back… 84 people… we understood that there are warrants of arrest for me at New Delhi, Pallum Airport. The charge was that I have defrauded somebody of 6000 rupees and have promised to marry an American girl to that Indian boy and as it has never happened, therefore I’m taking the girl and money back, and thus a fraud case was installed and warrants got issued. The purpose was to stop us in India, to get our seats cancelled so that we may go through a lot of money losses. And that was our first handshake with mother India and its most beautiful Sikhs. And that was our first experience. However, because I was working in the customs, the customs superintendent, Mr. Chowdr, took his personal motorcycle and met us about a couple of miles out of the Pollum airport and informed me of the situation. Because they could not serve the warrant on me until they had the permission of the
immigation department, the secret service department and the customs department. So we said, “No mind.” We all proceeded to the airport and I went to the magistrate’s house, who happens to be a Sikh, and I knew him and he was junior in service to me. When I explained to him he said, “Oh my God. My clerk might have got it, and how it can be?” I said, “Well, it is.” So he said, “Let me take you, sir.” So in his car I came and he wrote down my bail and permitted me to leave India under his authority and he put me in the plane. He said, “You go. Case is in my court. I’ll settle it.” Anyway, later on, the case was bogus. It was dislodged and dismissed and the matter ended. But, I had a vision. I saw Guru Gobind Singh in a very strange form and that picture has been made by an artist. You find Guru Gobind Singh with a flame, lamboo, lo, loeh, and that lamboo represents… I said, “How come? from neck onward you have this lamboo. I want to see your face. I want to see your head. All I am
seeing is flame.” And I was told, “In the light of this lamboo, I am taking you across this ocean to serve those whom I have promised that they shall come to my gate to be blessed.”

My dear people, at that time there was no such thing as Sikh Dharma. We were just trying. And 26 of us took Amrit at Akal Takhat for first time. And it became Sikh Dharma.

And how to tie a turban and why woman should tie a turban… it happened in Akal Takhat. When these ladies and men were told, “Khalsa has no gender,” all ladies took those present cloths which were given from the Guru’s house, and rolled around their heads, and they all came out looking alike. It was very funny, because I never went up. I was downstairs. I took them to the staircase and I said, “My job as a teacher is finished. From here onward you are on your own.” And that is how that picture represents that experience.

And when I came to San Francisco, see how things work in experience. I had a bronchitis, pneumonia, fever and a tragedy. Now you just understand, those who have gone through that kind of sickness, that when you breathe it looks like hundred needles in, hundred needles out. Your bones hurt, your rib cage hurts. And they give you heavy tranquilizers to recuperate, plus penicilin, plus this, plus injections. God knows. I couldn’t get anything. And in this array of circumstances, I was told, “Archbishop of Kuriyama from Japan, Tokoyo, has come to seek your audience, get your blessing, and to raise his kundalini.” It’s true. What I’m saying, the words are true. We used to live in Hargobind Sadan at that time. It used to be started as Banana Ananda Ashram. You remember that? And I was informed. The man came with gifts, with respect and with reverence. And I told him one thing: I was so weak with fever that I couldn’t move my own hand. I spoke to him, I said, “Archbishop, put your hand in my quilt and find my right hand.
And then put it on your forehead. You will get what you have come for.” Well, later on, I remember when he came he brought lot of presents and that should have been sufficient. But when he took my feverish hand and put it on his head, he took a very long time and I got very tired. But I didn’t want to pull it. He won’t leave it. After a while when he was satisfied, he put my hand back under my quilt, he left a huge present for us to enjoy and compensate all the tragedy happened to us in India.

It confirmed, everything worked right. Because I asked myself, “If Guru Ram Das has guided this guy to come to me to learn what he wants to learn, why should I hesitate? It’s all Gur Prasad. It’s not me.”

Otherwise tell me, how when you are suffering and you are not in a position to breathe and you are miserable, you can raise somebody’s kundalini? Forget it! As a yogi, as a master of kundalini yoga, I am willing to say it is wrong. But as a Sikh I can say, it worked out perfect and it was right.

God has many mysterious ways to deal with things. The Takhat of Raaj Yog belongs to Guru Ram Das. And the house of miracles is the House of Guru Ram Das. So one day when you’ll become a nation, you will have your own territories, you will fly your own flags, you shall enjoy the rulership of this earth, and you who are sitting here as pioneers shall be respected and remembered in the stories as saints, though you think you are not. Because I have read a lot of research but I have never read one line where they could say: “Guru Nanak went and took bath and went to bathroom”, there’s no record. All genuine things I have tried to research, and they never say, except one time, that when his sister Bibi Nanaki made a chapati and it became fluffy and in her love for her brother, as well as she accepted him…she was the first one to accept her brother as Guru. I know many of you know me, but you do not recognize me. That’s the safe part of it. “Oh vekhai ohnaa nadar naa aavai bahotaa eho vidaan.”
That’s the grace. And when I’ll be gone, I’ll remain as a mystery in your memories. But in one moment when Bibi Nanaki made that pulka, that chapati, that fluffy bread, she said, “If he’s true to me as a brother and as my spiritual teacher, he should come and eat it.” That love and prayer was so powerful that there was a knock at the door and there walked in Guru Nanak. “Sister, I am very hungry, first give me food and then we’ll talk from where I have come.” That’s the only recorded moment where I understood Guru Nanak how ate!

Oh, there are many recorded moments where Mardana, his most accompanying divine person always created a hassle for him, asking: “I can’t walk. I am hungry.” He stopped only when the cannibal took him away and wanted him to fry him deep fried like potatoes, and eat him. And Guru Nanak had to appear there to cool off that burning oil and save Mardana. Then he learned that it’s not only eating in this world. It is also that you can become a food. Because mankind doesn’t think that they can be food to anything. They think they have the right to eat everything.

That is why the Zorastrians, when a person dies, they put him on the top so that the vulture can eat him. So that some useful thing can happen of a useless man. They believe that if a man has not done anything — because they worship fire. Fire is very pure to them. And they do not know. Fire is very Khalsa to them. Every religion starts with purity of Khalsa, just remember that. So they don’t think that a man has been that pure. They don’t want to go into the dispute. They put him to the vultures. So they think that’s a one useful work a man has done and has enabled himself to let the vulture to eat him and have a good day.

Exactly in every part of your life the light and purity is. And when the future calls on you as a nation, and Takhat Raaj Yog will be in its own glory, and the world shall be ruled by the spirit of purity and victory belonging to the God, and when that prayer will become peace and peace will become prayer, Guru’s word will resound all over.

Just understand… Guru gave you the part to play as pioneers. With that greeting and with that blessing, and in that virtuous role of life which you are playing, you have come to the gate of the Guru to be acknowledged. May your purity and your victory lead you to your destiny!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!
– END –

July 6, 1988 Lecture “Establish the Light” by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Copyright:  Yogi Bhajan Teachings

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