Our journey will begin in the metropolitan city of Delhi, filled with visits to historical sites and spiritual Gurdwaras.

Continuing to Amritsar – “the city of spiritual nectar”, we will spend our days at the Golden Temple, immersing our souls in the daily practice of Amrit Vela Seva and Simran (early morning service and meditation). We will visit historic sites, Gurdwaras, Temples, holy places and attend Sunday Gurdwara at Miri Piri Academy, our international boarding school located in Chhehertha Sahib at the edge of Amritsar.

We will take a day trip to Goindwal – home to 4 of the Sikh Gurus.  Here we will have the opportunity to recite Japji, meditate on the 84 sacred steps and dip in the blessed waters of Goindwal Sahib.

Traveling on to Patna Sahib – the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, the 10th enlighted master of this path, we will take part in in all of the festivities for the 350th year celebration of his birth and spend time visiting the holy places where Guruji lived and spent time during his early childhood.

We will end our journey where we began, in the metropolitan city of Delhi, seeing sites, visiting temples and shopping in vibrant local and historic markets filled with delights for all the senses.