A comprehensive introduction to Sikhism, one of the finest and least known spiritual practices.  A wonderful beginners guide into personal devotional journey. A step by step exploration of all aspects of Sikh practices, Sound Technology and Yoga fundamentals deeply rooted in in Sikh traditions.

This book explains what Sikhs practice, how they practice it and why. It will take you on a journey of history, traditions and aspects of lifestyle through captivating historical and personal stories of practitioners. It will talk about Sikh Gurus, morning practices, dress, marriage and understanding of death through Sikh teachings.

If you ever wonder of what the connection is between Sikhism and Kundalini Yoga this book will explain where the two disciplines meet and where they differ.

Whether you were born a Sikh or just now coming to explore the depth of the spiritual practice you may be interested in reading personal accounts of people who consciously chose it as their spiritual path.

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Sikh Spiritual Practice
The Sound Way to God

by Siri Kirpal Kaur

Pages: 320

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