The Power of Prayer

Prayer may be the most powerful tool we have for personal and global transformation. Personal prayers and the prayers of a united community provide a direct link and connection to the Divine. All things become possible and exalted.

The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan shared many thoughts on the conscious act of prayer.  Here are a few:

“Once prayer becomes an attitude, then you are a far-out person. You are beautiful. Then everything is for you. Then nothing can stop you. When you are in prayer, your attitude is very exalted, very gracious and very kind.” 3/29/96

“If you are poor, inhale, hold the breath and tell the breath to bring you prosperity. If you hare unhappy, inhale, hold the breath and tell it to bring you happiness. Whenever you need your prayer to be answered, breathe like this and ask the breath of life to communicate with the Creator of the breath of life to give you everything.”

“In the Aquarian Age, you don’t pray—you ask God to pray for you. It is reversed. Tell God, “Lord, pray for me that I should be as Infinite as You are. Make me as great, bright, bountiful, and beautiful as You. Oh Lord, give me the power of love to serve. Let me know how to serve myself. Let my touch heal. Let my sight create miracles. Where I exist and pass, let there be nothing but the enlightened dance from your Grace.”

“The classification of prayer is this: a technology within a human being through which the unknown is known, the unseen is seen, the unheard is heard. That is prayer.” 7/15/82

On this page, we explore the power of prayer and it’s many forms and aspects. We encourage you find your avenue of prayer and to share your prayers with us. As a community, our love, light and prayers will bring peace, joy, and healing to ourselves and the world!  Wahe Guru!