Why I Love Intuition

Sat Nam Dear Friends, RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is a jewel, a ruby. It brings Truth, contentment and spiritual wisdom. The Lord entrusts the treasures of peace, intuition and kindness to His devotees. || 1 || Guru Arjan Dev JiP 893 -894 What an age we live in: infinite
sat bachan kaur meditating

Seva in Action

by SS Sangeeta Kaur Khalsa, Yuba City CA, Courtesy of the Summer 2017 Ministry Newsletter “Seva is a win/win, the total source of victory. The moment you serve with heart and head, and without grinding any axe, you win the person forever. You deliver another person facing difficulty to their own strength. You save the person

Guru’s Seva

by SS Ram Dass Singh Khalsa, Espanola NM, Courtesy of the Summer 2017 Ministry Newsletter Once my noble daughter asked me who was in the picture on the wall in her room. I told her it was Guru Ram Das. She said, “Yes, but who is the person behind him waving the Chauri Sahib?” And

Experiencing the Cozy and Thriving Energy of the Guru’s Home

Satkirin Kaur shares her experience of the April 2017 European Khalsa Spring Festival in Boizenburg, Germany Slowly, gently, drop by drop, the stream of nectar trickles down within. "Jhim Jhim Varasay Amrit Dhaaraa". Water trickling down the canal under the small foot bridge to enter Shabad Guru's new home in Europe.

15 Citas sobre Levantarse Temprano para Inspirarte

Por Satwant Singh Khalsa, Cortesía de MorningSadhana.org Levantarse temprano puede ser desalentador, especialmente cuando lo intentas por primera vez. Sin embargo, ser un madrugador puede aumentar significativamente tu productividad, por lo que es una rutina esencial. Aquí hay algunas citas sobre levantarse temprano que pueden ayudar a motivarte al levantarte al amanecer (o