Joy of Gurmukhi is a FREE course of a series of 16 videos to teach-yourself Gurmukhi.  It is brought to you by the generous support of Sikh Dharma International donors, a dedicated team of Sevadars and a creative team of professionals.

Reading Gurmukhi allows us to connect to the words spoken directly by our beloved Sikh Gurus and Saints from other traditions (Shabad Guru), who were tuned in to the Divine.  By reading and reciting Gurmukhi, and speaking the same words spoken by these Divine human beings when they were in an elevated consciousness, we have the opportunity to elevate ourselves as well.   It is our prayer that this Joy of Gurmukhi Video Series will assist you to learn to read Gurmukhi, or improve your reading skills, so that you might have this experience.  Peace to All, Light to All, Love to All!