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Dear Esteemed Members of the Khalsa Council,

Sat Nam and blessings to all.  Our upcoming International Khalsa Council Meeting will be held on April 23 - 26, 2014 at the Santa Claran Hotel in Espanola, New Mexico.  We look forward to meeting together as the leadership body of our Dharma, and to carrying on the mission and legacy of our beloved teacher, the Siri Singh Sahib.

Meeting Schedule:

The Opening Ceremonies of the Khalsa Council will be held at the Gurdwara at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das on Wednesday, April 23rd at 5:30PM.  The meetings will be held on Thursday to Saturday, April 24th - 26th.  The following is the schedule:

April 23 (Wed.)          5:30pm  Gurdwara & opening ceremonies, followed by Langar at the Langar Hall                                                                                                                   

April 24 - 26               9:00am - 5:30pm       Meetings at Santa Claran Hotel


We are currently developing the agenda for the upcoming meetings, and are looking forward to a very dynamic, informative and interactive session. The KC Executive Committee will be meeting on Saturday, March 29th in Espanola, to finalize the agenda topics, and members of the Khalsa Council can submit agenda proposals until that time.


Some of the agenda items will include:

  • Siri Singh Sahib Corporation presentation
  • Reports from our Non-profit and For Profit entities
  • Special presentation from the East West Tea Company, presented by CEO, Conrad Myers, Parampal Singh and Mercia Petewon
  • Update on the 10th Anniversary Commemoration - "Celebrating the Living Legacy of the Siri Singh Sahib ~ Yogi Bhajan" - This will include a report from the Steering Committee, as well as an interactive discussion about how communities around the world plan to commemorate this special occasion. 
  • Task Force meetings and presentations - Some of our Task Forces have been meeting since our Fall meeting. 
    • The Governance Committee will be presenting one or more motions for the KC to vote on. 
    • The Communications Committee will be discussing how to re-establish the Khalsa Council e-group to support the work and mission of the Khalsa Council.  
  • Election of Khalsa Council Chairperson and the Section Chairpersons for the next 2 years.
  • Community Presentations:  Chile, Africa and LA Baisakhi 

Khalsa Council Membership Dues and Meeting Fees


Since our last meeting, we have been working to find ways to reduce the fees for Khalsa Council members. Please note that Khalsa Council members pay both Annual Dues and Meeting Fees.

  1. Annual KC Membership Dues - cover the annual administrative and staff expenses for the Khalsa Council.
  2. Meeting Fees  - cover the costs for each meeting - This also includes the Airfare Pool, which is explained in detail below.  

1. Annual KC Membership Dues

We have recently revised the Annual KC Membership dues. We are offering discounts for those who pay early or by monthly EFT payments. We have also added a Senior discount for members over 65 years of age, and have adjusted the New Millennium Members age criteria to age 35 and under (instead of 40 and under). 

These new prices and options will start with the 2014 dues. Please read the following carefully, so you can decide which option works best for you. Sat Atma Kaur will be sending a follow-up email with more details about how to make your payments.

Regular Member Rate - (Please note 4 options for payment)

  • $480 Annual Dues (Full rate)
  • Pay entire Annual Dues before or at the April meeting: $380 ($100 discount)
  • Pay 1/2 Annual Dues before or at each meeting - $210 per half year = $420  ($60 discount)
  • EFT Monthly Payments: $35/mo. = $420 ($60 discount)

New Millennium Members (35 years and younger) AND Senior Rate (over 65 years)

  • $240 Annual Dues
  • Pay 1/2 Annual Dues before or at each meeting - $120 per half year (no additional discount)
  • EFT Monthly: $20/mo (no additional discount)

International KC members will have a credit applied towards their Annual Dues if their airfare exceeds the amount of their airfare credit.


2. Meeting Fees and Airfare Pool

The meeting fee for all members other than New Millennium members is $350 per meeting. New Millennium Members (35 years and under) pay $175 per meeting. 

Many years ago, the Khalsa Council voted to implement an airfare pool to equalize the airfare expenses among the members, regardless of where they are coming from. 

We have streamlined the process to integrate the airfare pool with the registration process as follows:

  • The Meeting Fee portion for all members is $350. (New Millennium members do not participate in the Airfare Pool.)
  • The projected Airfare Pool portion (when averaged among all members) is $300.
  • Therefore the Total Meeting Cost for members (meeting fee + airfare pool) is $650.

We have designated 5 groups of locations which have similar airfares to Albuquerque and taken the average. During the registration process, you will subtract that averaged amount, as an airfare credit, from your total Meeting Cost ($650).  


Payment Amount


#1 - New Mexico residents; SSSC Members; Members not paying airfare


$650 - no airfare credit

#2 - CA, TX, AZ, NY


$650 minus $250 airfare credit

#3 - Alaska, Canada, Mexico


$650 minus $575 airfare credit

#4 - All other US states


$650 minus $350 airfare credit

#5 - International (except Canada and Mexico)


$650 minus $625 airfare credit*

*International members will get a $625 airfare credit during registration.  They will get additional credit towards their Annual Dues if their airfare exceeds the amount of airfare credit. 

Siblings of Destiny members do not participate in the airfare pool.


To register, please click here:  Register Now

In the meantime, it would be very helpful if you would simply reply to this email or send an email with the word ATTENDING if you plan to attend the April Khalsa Council meeting to give us an indication of how many members to expect.  Thank you!

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Sat Atma Kaur, the Khalsa Council Secretary at:   

We look forward to meeting with you all and working together to serve our collective mission. 


Blessings to all,


SS Gurujot Kaur Khalsa

Secretary General

Sikh Dharma International