In the late 1960’s, the West was going through a revolution of consciousness. The young people of the time had a longing to touch Divinity. As their prayer went out to the Universe, an Indian Kundalini Yoga master named Harbhajan Singh Puri answered the call. This yoga master, who would come to be known as “Yogi Bhajan”, traveled to the West in 1968.

With compassion and a commitment to sharing teachings that would help free people from their pain and confusion, Yogi Bhajan built a legacy over the next 40 years. Under his spiritual guidance, ashrams, yoga centers, Gurdwaras and communities sprang up all over the world. He also founded numerous non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses.  This page shares some of these nonprofit “Legacy Organizations”.  They have also been referred to as “the beads of the divine mala”, all strung together in unity and devotion to continuing the mission of Yogi Bhajan to serve humanity.