Chuni – Stretchy


White or Cream

This chuni has a sheer almost transparent quality. Ideal for wrapping over your turban for a smoother, sharper look. You can choose between white or a gentler off-white cream color. This chuni can also be worn without a turban to gracefully cover the head.
Some chose to wear it as a veil/flowing chuni as well if they like a shorter more manageable size.

A chuni can be wrapped around the turban one of two ways, wet or dry. If a dryer is not available, wet the chuni then squeeze and shake out thoroughly. Fold to desirable width, usually twice the long way. If a drier is available, use it to dry your chunis and then fold and tie on for optimum stretchy quality.

Enjoy your beautiful chuni on special occasions, when you want to add a formal look to your turban or every day!

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Approximate size:

Length 2.25 yards; Width 1.2 yards

White variation is 100% cotton.

Cream variation is 100% silk.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 2 in

Cream, White

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