Peace Lagoon


Peace Lagoon, A Compilation of Sacred Prayers of the Sikhs in English

This book of prayers contains a collection of hymns of Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjun and Guru Gobind Singh. Each prayer is rendered in English and composed to be elevating to the soul. These ancient poems of timeless guidance and divine wisdom will speak to your soul and open your heart.

“This is the song eternal, song of love and song of spiritual wisdom.  This book has the power that when somebody will meditate and open it up, it will talk wisdom to the person’s heart.  The beautiful children of the Age of Aquarius, who are the children of higher consciousness and love, shall find it a companion to their soul and heart.” ~ Quote by Yogi Bhajan from the Beads of Truth, Bead 11, 1971




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