(Blessing of the Guru)


One of the highlights of every visit to a Gurdwara is being served Prashad or Gurprasad (blessing of the Guru). It is a freshly-prepared simple sweet made from wheat flour, ghee (clarified butter) and sweetener (usually sugar or honey). But the significance of the Gurprasad is much more than simply receiving a tasty treat. Much prayerful attention is put into the preparation and then the Gurprasad is placed next to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib during a devotional program of kirtan so that it becomes blessed by the vibrations of the uplifting singing and sacred words. Then the Gurprasad is also formally blessed during the Ardas (group prayer). All this is with the intention that as the Gurprasad is distributed to the congregation members, it is actually an energetic gift or blessing given to each person.

We have gathered here several resources to help you learn how to prepare and serve Gurprasad, continuing a wonderful and sacred tradition of shared blessings – for not only are those blessed who receive the Gurprasad, but also those who prepare and serve it are also blessed.