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December 16 – 23, 2016

Located at Circle F Dude Ranch in Lake Wales, Florida, USA

To Register for Winter Solstice, visit the 3HO Website

Winter Solstice is an annual spiritual celebration, where people from around the world gather to practice yoga and meditation, take classes, chant and do sadhana together.  It is a time of renewal and gathering with friends, known and unknown, to work on ourselves and raise our consciousness together.  Please join us in this wonderful opportunity to expand your radiance!

The SDI Academy tent at the Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration offers many classes about various aspects of Sikh Dharma and involve numerous well-known teachers.  In addition, every evening we host Gurbani Kirtan and end each day with the recitation of Kirtan Sohila.  Below is a sample list of this year’s classes.

Excerpt from June 26, 1978 lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan about Solstice:

“In your caliber of life, once a year come the Summer Solstice; once a year come the Winter Solstice. These are very special times. There is a special connection between soul and the spirit, the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the people of this planet Earth. The more this world became earthy, mind became heavy in variance; our concentration become weaker; we lost the sight, the powerful sight who we are; our inner radiance become weaker and outside world became dizzy to us. We are not happy.

And when some people have to give some time, five days, ten days to the spiritual world of theirs, they feel pressured, ‘Oh, what should I do, my business is this, my business is that, my work is this, my work is that.’

We understood this from the very first day and thus we organized ourselves in a way that we can live as people, unique and very strong in our caliber and in our pursuit. We must know our inner peace and we must experience our inner peace, so that when we walk in this world of ours, we must walk with that satisfaction and with that equilibrium and pride.

Life to us is nothing but a temperamental, emotional volcanic eruptions and that is not we are going to live for. We have to change and those changes have to come through that inner peace.”