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SikhNet is a not-for-profit global media company that serves the temporal and spiritual journey of those who are interested in the spiritual technology embodied in the Sikh lifestyle. Open to all, we inspire, educate, build supportive community and embrace individuality. SikhNet provides a neutral space that welcomes everyone and encourages participation throughout the 21 century global community, in all its diversity.

Founded in 1984, SikhNet has become the largest on-line resource on Sikhism with more than 7 million visitors annually. Sikhnet is a multifaceted community where people worldwide can learn and communicate about the Sikh way of life.  Sikhnet offers a broad range of services including broadcasting live video events, reporting daily news, open discussion forums, radio and television broadcasts, the world’s largest online library of Sikh music, free matrimonial services, international chat and a variety of additional information relevant to Sikhs.

Come join us in a personal journey of self-discovery that we all share together. By embracing diversity, creating universal consciousness and building bridges between communities and cultures, SikhNet provides practical, spiritual, and educational digital services that meet the needs of seekers of all ages and lifestyles.

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