Starter Turban – 3.5 Yards


This popular product from our annual Summer Solstice booth is now available year round! A “Starter Turban” is ideal for participation at White Tantric Yoga courses and regular yoga classes for a deeper experience during Kriyas and Meditations and can also be used for turban tying classes.

  • Soft, form fitting cotton that wraps around your head in a secure and neat fashion
  • Pre-cut to a reasonable length and width to make sure the fabric is not unmanageable
  • Pre-rolled to show you one of the optimal ways to handle the fabric for easy tying
  • Ideal for Men and Women
  • Ideal as a regular small turban, or as an “under turban” when you wish to add an additional piece over it, like a stretchy chuni, sparkle turban piece or a colorful scarf
  • Our Starter Turbans are used by many yoga students during White Tantric.  When tied correctly it will stay on your head the entire day without slipping off

Cotton protects your pineal gland from overexposure to the sun for optimal meditative experience.  It helps to retain your newly generated energy during your Kriya work to ensure healing and rejuvenation. It also protects your head from the strong flow of tantric energy during White Tantric courses.

Knowledge of tying a perfect traditional Sikh turban is not necessary in your practice.  However, if you tie a turban regularly during your practice it promotes concentration and cranial balance.  The layers of the fabric are helpful in maintaining a healthy and strong arch line, and promotes proper secretion of pineal gland.


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In the Turban Tutorial below, the male model is using “rubia” fabric and the female model is using “American Cotton” fabric.

Our American Cotton Turban = 3.5 Yards in Length and approximately 19″ in width. (medium fine weave)
Our Rubia (Indian Cotton Turban) = 3.5 Yards in length and approximately 22″ in width (fine weave)

Both fabrics are widely used in American Sikh communities.  They are ideal to wear after the fabric has been washed.

A traditional Indian men’s turban is approximately 7 yards/meters or longer and around 44″ wide or wider.
A traditional women’s turban may require between 5 and 7 yards of fabric. but only half the with of a man’s turban fabric.
A lot of women prefer American Cotton to Rubia, as it tends to be a little less slippery.

For those interested in purchasing a full turban to practice tying, or for every day attire, please go to our “School Turban” product page.





Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in

American Cotton, Rubia Indian Cotton