Chardi Kala (Ever-Rising Spirit)

Photo by Jofre Ferrer – Flickr Creative Commons.

Chardi Kala is an important expression used in Sikh Dharma. It loosely means a “positive, buoyant and optimistic” attitude toward life and the future.

Chardi Kala can be translated as an “intensely energized, ever–ascending state of the spirit of an individual or of a group.” It is characterized by faith, confidence, cheerfulness, courage, fortitude, discipline, a resolute willingness to uphold cherished ideals and a readiness to perform the assigned tasks even in the face of the most daunting challenge.

Sikhs strive to always be in a consciousness of “high spirits,” “ever progressive,” and “always cheerful.” It reflects an eternally evergreen and blissful mental state of a Sikh.

Sikhs believe in the Will of God (Hukam) and that God is without enemies (Nirvair) and is always merciful. Hence acceptance of God’s Will is in the interest of and for the benefit of all His Creation, even if at times one suffers severe hardship. This attitude of “Chardi Kala” is to allow one to sail through the ups and downs of life with as little harm as possible to the individual. To join and help others in their hour of need is also a part of this “Chardi Kala” spirit.

Chardi Kala signifies a perennially blossoming, unwilting spirit, a perpetual state of certitude resting on the unwavering belief in Divine justice. In Chardi Kala there is confidence in the ultimate victory of Truth over falsehood and of Good over evil.

~This information was excerpted and adapted from the SikhiWiki entry “Chardi Kala.”