The Sikh Religion

Sikh Art by Kanwar Singh –

The Sikh Religion was founded in Northern India (now Pakistan) by Guru Nanak a little over 500 years ago, for those longing for a spiritual life, without the bonds of meaningless ritual, cruel caste distinction, the worship of idols or enforced servitude to other men.

Guru Nanak taught that all people are equally cherished in the eyes of God. He was an emancipator of women and destroyer of caste, cruelty, and human bondage, for he said, “Truth is high, but higher still is truthful living”.

Guru Nanak spoke of the goodness in all religions, and their illusions, and those who followed him came to be known as Seekers of Truth or Sikhs. He taught his Sikhs to live in ‘grihst ashram’ or to follow the path of a householder, and to find God at home, within the heart, and always to see the Great God in all.

~Resource:   Living Reality (1994) by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa.