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At Yogi, we believe the purpose of business is to serve and we use the guiding principles of “Feel Good, Be Good, Do Good” to align our business activities. Our “Doing Good” element is focused on giving back in the communities where we do business, as well as partnerships with key vendors to support our grower communities that provide the best quality ingredients for our teas.

Yogi Tea is excited to share news about three new “Doing Good” partnerships to be under way very soon. Each of the three projects all align with our objective of partnering with vendors and grower communities who supply key ingredients and with whom we have long standing relationships. We have built respect and trust in these relationships and are honored to extend our relationships by Doing Good in their community. We hope you will also be inspired by these projects and feel connected to them through each cup of tea.

Cal Retor Project: Spain

Herbes del Moli (HdM) has been a supplier of Yogi Tea (YT) for over two decades. On the land they own, there is a house that is being renovated and will be given to support adults with disabilities. Yogi Tea and HdM are contributing equally to the house renovation to bring it to standards to support the adults who will be living there. The goal is that this project will be self-sufficient starting with the third year. The overall objective is to integrate these 11 people into normal life and give them the opportunity to hold a regular job. They will cultivate different kinds of herbs like lavender and oregano under HdM supervision.

Yogi Tea plans to include ingredients whic are grown and cultivated through this project in their tea formulas.

Jalinga Tea Garden Hospital: Assam

Q-Trade and Yogi Tea began our partnership in 2006. We source several ingredients from them that originate in Assam. In one region in particular, there are over 2000 farmers and their families who have very limited access to immediate health care. There is a building with a ‘hospital’ sign, but inside there are no actual facilities to treat people and the condition of the building is in disrepair. The next nearest care facility is nearly an hour away by car and much further by walking (most of the farmers do not have cars). The hospital is maintained by the local community and farmers, but requires renovation and additional infrastructure to better support the community needs.

Q-Trade and Yogi Tea are grateful to partner with the Jalinga Tea Garden Community to renovate and upgrade the facility, including adding an isolation ward to provide privacy for male and female patients, as well as new toilet facilities for both.









Santa Teresa School Complex: Honduras

In 2016, Yogi Tea partnered with Pure Ground Ingredients, the Jerazano family and the villagers of Santa Teresa to build a bridge. At the time, the villagers stated this bridge would “change their lives”.

A year removed from that very successful project, we learned of another great opportunity for their community of over 1200 farmers and families.

They have a school that supports children up to grade 6. It is in one building and in need of repair. Additionally, they would like to expand the school to support education through 9th grade. This would help keep the young people active throughout the day, learning beyond 6th grade, and helping to improve the overall future of the village and the community.

The Jerezano family, PGI, the villagers and Yogi Tea are embarking on another major project to rebuild and expand the school complex. The new complex will include multiple classrooms for the different grades, a teachers area for private discussions/tutoring, toilet facilities for teachers and children, and a playground complex for organized outdoor sports. As with the bridge project a year ago, this community does not waste any time. This project is already moving forward as can be seen in these photos.



























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