2024 Summer Solstice Recap

Here is a recap of the SDI offerings at Summer Solstice 2024 at Ram Das Puri in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico:

The focus of Summer Solstice 2024 was rebuilding our strength, sharing the universal teachings of the Sikh Gurus and the path of Sikh Dharma, and raising Khalsa spirit. Sikh Dharma International (SDI) offered an uplifting space for students, Sikhs, and Ministers to gather, learn, meditate and chant.

Access to our teachings on the Sikh Dharma way of life (Marayada) is a crucial element of the support that SDI provides to our communities.  SDI’s vision is to serve the One in all, and the goal of this year’s Summer Solstice program was for participants to be able to connect with the Source within themselves.

Our program at the SDI Shelter began on Saturday, June 15th where we had the honor to host numerous esteemed Global Sangat Teachers who shared their knowledge and experience.  These included the following:

MSS Hari Dharam Kaur from New Mexico, USA shared on topics like Gurdwara protocol in an “introduction to Gurdwara” and a class on the Light of the Sound Current, along with her daughter, SS Hari Bhajan Kaur of New Mexico.

With his simple, clear and accessible style, MSS Kirtan Singh from New Mexico, USA brought forth his knowledge and wisdom attained from many years of his own experience.  He taught a class on peace, both within one’s self and with others, in a class titled “Peace for Me, You, Everyone, Everywhere, Always.” Students really connected with this topic on Peace Prayer Day! Kirtan Singh also taught a class on “Sahej-Yog: A Deep Dive into the Pathway of Intuitive Ease, Elegance and Natural Poise.” “Sahej” is a state of continuous interaction with our higher consciousness that brings awareness and understanding of how to live naturally and intuitively in the world.

On Sunday, June 16th SDI hosted a beautiful Minister gathering facilitated by the SDI Secretary of Religion, SS Dr. Sat-Kaur from New Mexico. Over 20 Ministers and prospective Ministers from different parts of the world showed up to connect and chant together, including from the USA, Chile, Argentina, Canada and Italy. This gathering represented the beginning of a larger project to communicate the work that is being accomplished by Sikh Dharma Ministers around the world.  This project also includes the development of a supportive platform that will reach more people and more places that desperately need it. We plan to reach out to communities around the world through our Minister population, including in conflict zones.

This gathering represented the beginning of a larger project of communication about the work that is being achieved throughout the world by our Sikh Dharma Ministers. The project will include the development of a platform of support by SDI that will allow these efforts to reach more people and more places that desperately need it. We look forward to working together with our Ministers around the world to serve and support our global communities.

Later that Sunday afternoon, we hosted a panel discussion that opened a space for conversation around Sikh Dharma – “Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Sikh Dharma but Were Afraid to Ask.” Panelists included SS Prem Kaur from Spain, SS Jujhar Singh from the UK, and SS Siri Chand Singh and SS Gurprasad Kaur from New Mexico, USA.

On Monday June 17th, we were blessed with the presence of SS Satkirin Kaur from New Mexico, USA, who taught the class of “Recover or Master Your Divine all the Time Singing Voice”. With very practical voice warm up exercises and vocal training, Sat Kirn Kaur brought out the best chanting ability of all the students and gave them increased confidence to chant mantras going forward.

On our last day of classes, Friday, June 21st, SS Dr. Harsimranjeet Singh from Canada shared a class called “Simran 101: Overcoming Mental Health and Emotional Struggles”.  Mental Health is an important topic during these times that deeply impacts many individuals and communities. Basic techniques were shared to help in overcoming anxiety, depression and self-doubt while simultaneously developing intuition and courage to create a life of victory.

After that, SS Rupinder Kaur from Chile/Canada taught a class on “Navigating Crisis with Gurbani: Deepen your Silence and Presence.” Rupinder Kaur took us through an experiential journey of profound devotion to develop tools within ourselves to navigate these challenging times with grace.

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