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Guru Gaddi Day

Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. November 1, 1992 "Today, we are celebrating the Shabad Guru.  But what does it actually mean?  It means Naam. It means perpetual experience of happiness. It means ecstasy. It means Anand.  It means a lot of things. But it is not practiced. It is not

Shabad Guru Course

January 13 – February 17 2017 6 Friday evenings at 5pm (PST)/8pm (EST), for 90 minutes Create an opportunity to build your spirit and invite the Guru into your daily life.  Life is not meant to be hard.  It is only when we think we are doing it ourselves and then have

Shabad Guru Course ~ Level 2 (Online)

Steps of Meditation: Dhyaan, Simran & Veechaar April 7th - May 12th, 2017 6 classes every Friday evening at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern Classes are 90 minutes long & will be recorded for future viewing Continuing the journey of understanding and deepening our practice of the Shabad Guru, Level Two explores the steps of:
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Shabad Guru Course: Live in Espanola, NM

Friday June 12th - Wednesday June 14th, 2017  The week before Summer Solstice  at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das in Espanola, NM "The greatest meditation is coming to the Guru. There is no meditation which can beat it.  There's no technology which can make up for it.  There's no grace which can be
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Shabad Guru on the Spiritual Path: Online Course Part 1 ~ Build Your Relationship of Divinity with the Guru (Thursday Evenings)

The Shabad Guru Course supports the building of a fundamental connection to the Shabad Guru as a spiritual pathway and deepens your experience and understanding of how to apply the Shabad Guru in any situation.  There are two parts to the course: In Part 1, we focus on creating a self-initiation of connection with
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Monthly Shabad Class (2nd Sunday Evening Each Month)

Deepen your learning in the Shabad Guru through an online 'Shabad of the Month' class and a collaborative community Every month we focus on building our learning of the Shabad Guru through expanding our repertoire of different shabads, understanding their meanings, the benefits they bring and how to pronounce the Gurmukhi words for the best effects. On the 2nd Sunday
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Shabad Guru Online Course Part 2 ~ Radiant Spiritual Sovereignty (Sunday Mornings)

Spirituality of the Shabad Guru ~ Online Course Sunday Mornings: January 7 - March 25 (12 weeks)  The Shabad Guru is the sound current of Divine, Infinite Vibration, Naad.  This sound current penetrates through every cell of our being to bring deep, lasting upliftment and grace.  When we fill with this vibration, our
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Radiance of the Shabad Guru Immersion Course

The Radiance of Shabad Guru An Immersion Course in Anandpur Sahib November 16 – 27, 2017 Journey to Anandpur Sahib, India to experience the radiance of your soul with Guru Gobind Singh.  This event is limited to 36 people.  Don’t miss this opportunity!  Register today! We will explore the stories and gurdwaras of his
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