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Nishaan Sahib Raising in Chile – For The First Time

This event sets a precedent for the Dharma in Chile, now we know that Guru Ram Das Ashram is a place where we can find refuge and experience the spiritual sovereignty of the Khalsa Nation among the community, living in Chardi Khala, fearless and courageous, while facing any situation that Guru Ji might bring to

Izamiento del Nishaan Sahib en Chile – Por Primera Vez

Este evento marca un precedente para el Dharma en Chile, ahora sabemos que Guru Ram Das Ashram es un espacio donde podemos encontrar refugio y experimentar la soberanía espiritual de la Nación Khalsa en comunidad, manteniéndonos en Chardhi Khala, sin miedos, con confianza y coraje, ante cualquier situación que Guru Ji nos coloque en el

Langar Chile Provides Food Following the 2010 Earthquake

Langar Chile is a non-governmental organization founded in 2003 by Kundalini Yoga instructors Sinmrit Singh and Guru Darshan Singh, and they have been working since 2004 without interruption. This inspiring team serves hot vegetarian food to those who live in a street situation, and to anyone else who needs it, on Thursday nights in different
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