SACH KHAND: The Realm of Ultimate Truth

SiriKartar Kaur gifted a beautiful and consciously thoughtful mural titled “Sach Khand” to Miri Piri Academy.  Here is the story behind it:

Every stroke of art in the mural holds special significance, weaving together the fabric of spirituality and cultural heritage to decorate our school and inspire our students, staff and visitors.

SiriKartar’s journey from her home in Italy to our beloved campus in Amritsar at MPA to create this masterpiece is a testament to her dedication to both her spiritual path and her artistic craft.

The painting Sach Khand shows a path that starts at the bottom with the entrance of Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, welcoming all with Sat Nam.

Everyone gets a hug from the lush landscape rich of trees and flowers; a tapestry weaving and dancing in harmony with each other, like life at Miri Piri Academy.

Immediately above a local cart is stationed, offering a variety of nutritious and sweet fruits of the land, caressed by the wavy golden wheat of Punjab.

All this beauty and abundance are bestowed on us by the Gracious Creator, and by His Love we can access an even greater loveliness and bounty; Darbar Sahib.

We can walk on the exquisite marble of the Parkarma, take a dip in the healing water of the Sarovar, enter the glorious Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple). The central vision vibrates a Light of Pure Consciousness: Sach Khand.

Above emerges the brilliance of the Ek Ong Kar, spreading the light for all to receive, and on the right the golden Palki Sahib carries the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji from the Akal Takht to the Darbar, in full glory and radiance.

From the devotional window it sprouts the Dukh Bhanjan tree. Under his shady leaves sits Guru Ram Das ji in complete calmness and meditation, providing protection to everyone.
His praises are sung all over the world echoing in the skies where two Siri Nishan Sahib soar high for all to see.

With each brushstroke, SiriKartar intricately captures the sacred essence of the revered space of the Golden Temple, inviting us to embrace its presence in our everyday lives at MPA.


More about the Artist, SiriKartar Kaur

SiriKartar’s artistic journey traces back to 1978 in Rome, Italy, where her yoga journey began under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan. Over the years, she delved deeper into the realms of martial arts, enriching her practice and teaching with the profound teachings of “Adi Shakti Yoga” through Gatka, the martial art of Sikhs. Her relocation to Los Angeles in 1988 marked a pivotal moment in her spiritual quest, where she immersed herself in Yogi Bhajan’s teachings for over three decades.

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