Summer Internship with Joti Software

Report from Abhai Raj Singh

We just completed hosting our first internship at Joti Software with Harjinder Kaur (from Phoenix) as the intern.  For four weeks, Harjinder worked diligently on solid technical tasks – primarily creating and editing xml Kriya write-ups to support The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings (LOT) database.

The internship was very successful.  We gave Harjinder a good look at what it’s like to do technical software development – which was one of the primary goals of the experience.  We benefited greatly from Harjinder Kaur’s work and her contribution to Joti Software and LOT; she exceeded our expectations.  She was a very quick study – generally picking up fairly technical tasks after being shown just once or twice.  She converted over 180 pdf Kriya write-ups to xml – a huge amount of work – and, in doing so, put us ahead of schedule for delivering that data to KRI partners.  One of our biggest challenges was keeping Harjinder challenged.

It was really rewarding having Harjinder part of our household and seeing her engage with the Sangat here in Espanola.  It was wonderful to see her make connections, dance, and socialize with folks her age and spend time with some of the older generation as well.  And, on top of all her work and social life, she walked our dog Vinnie twice daily!

Harjinder Kaur set a high bar for interns.  We look forward to hosting more.

Abhai Raj Singh Khalsa

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