The Beauty of Shabad Guru


by SS Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa, Belton TX
Originally published in the Winter 2018 SDI Ministry Newsletter

Of all the many tools the Siri Singh Sahib delivered to his students, perhaps the most subtle and most powerful was Shabad Guru. As we begin to vibrate these sounds, we refine our own minds, so that we can listen more clearly, with less and less ego, and allow our inner wisdom to guide us.

What motivates most of us to participate and practice in any spiritual path is our own desire to change. We want to be happy. This is the basic motivation for all human behavior. But to really change and experience happiness, we need leverage; we need power.

What power do we have? The Word. In yoga philosophy, there is the concept of “manifestation of being,” comprised of degrees of subtlety that form the world around us, seen and unseen. Sound is associated with the most subtle of the elements—Ether.

If we want to change things on the gross level, the earthly plane, we can only gain real leverage at the most subtle. This is why mantra, and especially Shabad Guru, is so effective. Mantras work at the most subtle elemental level of the psyche to apply real leverage to the grosser elements so that we can change. The sound current refines the mind through the application of the formula: japa, tapa, sanjam, dharam.

We repeat the mantra—japa, which generates tapas (inner heat that refines the psyche). Japa generates inner discipline, sanjam, which finally delivers one to dharam—your personal path to elevation and excellence.

The Practice of Shabad Guru

The deepest most painful elements of my psyche have only changed with the practice of Shabad Guru. My negative patterns with men; my patterns of attachment and ego; my pride; my resentments; all have changed course through my practice of Shabad Guru.

Reciting Sopurkh, Asa di Var, Shabad Hazaare, Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur, Asa Piasi Pir Kao Lorhee, Thir Gar Bhaiso, Ajai Alai, Kusam Basant, KalmalHoee, Mool Mantra are examples of practices that have changed my life.

They have cleared my arcline, burned up my attachment, taught me self-forgiveness, opened the way for miracles, brought in new ways of being intimate, generated contentment, built my radiant body, worked on my positivity, healed my relationship to the Earth, and laid the foundation for an infinite identity.

Eleven recitations a day of a shabad or pauree from the Guru Granth will change your life. Even one line, repeated, can change your destiny. The beauty of Shabad Guru is that you don’t have to figure out what to change and how to change it; instead, just repeat the sounds, surrender to the frequency and align yourself to the vibration.

The sounds themselves do the work by attracting new people, new situations, and new environments into your life and allowing life to unfold and blossom in new directions. It will feel like a miracle—because it is.

SS Sat Purkh Kaur is an ordained Sikh Dharma Minister and a KRI Certified Level Three Kundalini Yoga Teacher as well as Lead Trainer in the Aquarian Trainer Academy, Sat Purkh recently became a Minister of Sikh Dharma and shares “Dharma talks” regularly online. She has recorded eight albums of sacred music, including Nectar of the NameBeautiful Day: The Aquarian SadhanaQueen Be: The Goddess WithinLove & Other MiraclesOne: Love, Life, LightThe Pearl: Maiden, Mother, CroneThe Guru Within, and Across the World Ocean. She lives with her husband, Abhai Raj Singh, and their menagerie of animals, and is always at work on her next album of sacred music.

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