The Month of Chayt


FIRST MONTH as described in SGGS is CHAYT : 14th March – 13th April
Chayt (Chet) also means to be awake, aware, conscious of, think of, or turn your attention to; implying to remember or contemplate on the essential things (the One God, the Naam – Spiritual Identity).
Spring is a time of awakening and the Guru calls us to take advantage of this moment. That nature may reflect to us the awakening of soul’s true longing.

In spring the young green shoots reach up for the light, and the roots desire nourishment from the earth.
The soul yearns to have the same inner joy that the bees have in the spring; to experience the inner blossoming like the spring flowers; to see more than just the trees. To know the spirit of Oneness behind the whole of nature.

Though beauty is showing it’s self in the spring’s unfolding. How can it be enjoyed if the soul-bride deep within feels the body wasting away with the pain of separation. Life seems useless without awakening to Naam – Spiritual Identity with the One.

The bees search for the pollen, The plants seek for the light, and the soul-bride is thirsty for Darshan (Divine vision). She desires inner communion with her Beloved (Husband-Creator-God). We are awakened to the perception of the Oneness in all of nature when we meditate on Naam In the company of Saints; those who live in loving remembrance of the One.

“If you are conscious (chaytaa), then be conscious (chayt) of the True Lord and Master.’’ (SGGS ang/p 318)

“Totally pervading the water, the land, and all the space. (God is) contained in the forests as well.”

If we are conscious in the spring month of Chayt then Nature’s joy becomes a mirror to the flow of inner joy.

“By constant contemplation and awareness (chaytat), the water is brought forth.” (Kabir, SGGS ang/p 328)

Naanak touches the feet of the one who brings the soul to meet God/Prabh.

Authors Notes
1: On summarising the Guru’s expression of this month through the consciousness of Shabd Guru I find myself thinking about the giver of nature’s glory as much as all that has been given.
“Forget this picture, and remember the Painter.’’ (SGGS ang/page 340) But not only in a transcendent manner. But also in a way that it flows and shines out through nature itself.
Note 2. This has been my own summary of the Guru’s words. I take expressions from both of the 12 month passages and mingle them in my own way. Therefore I make it clear that I am no authority on the Guru and take responsibility for any misrepresentation of the Shabd.
Note 3. All references/quotes without any page number are from the two hymns/Shabds of the Gurus as found on ang/p 133 and 1107 in Siri Guru Granth Sahib
Any sharing of deeper insights would be most welcome.

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  1. Amardev singh says:

    Very well explained . Can we do this Gurmukhi too ? I think this will help to stick to roots and flourish our heritage .

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