Golden Temple

The “Golden Temple” is the most revered and sacred Sikh temple in the world. It is located in Amritsar, India. It is also also called the “Harimander Sahib” or “Darbar Sahib.”

The Golden Temple is considered to be the energetic and spiritual center of the Sikh path. It was built during the time of Guru Ram Das and Guru Arjan, the fourth and fifth Sikh Gurus. It was built on the site of an ancient pond known to have miraculous healing powers long before the temple was built. Many stories both past and contemporary have been told of amazing healing that has occurred when devotees come for a “sip and a dip” in the “sarovar,” or “nectar tank,” which surrounds the temple itself.

~ From Heroes, Saints and Yogis compiled by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa and Guruka Singh Khalsa and “Sikh Dharma International Glossary”  (