Spiritual Names

Photo from 3HO.

Traditionally, in the Sikh religion parents choose a name for their child by using the first letter of the first word of a hukam taken from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji after they are born. In this way, it is a personal blessing for each Sikh from the Guru. The parents pick a name beginning with this letter, adding Singh for a boy and Kaur for a girl. 

For people who were not born Sikhs, many people receive their spiritual name based on the soul’s calling for this gift. The naming tradition has its roots in ancient culture, where historically a priest, tribesman or holy one would meditate upon the person’s Soul to determine their spiritual name. Most of the names have Sanskrit origins and are based on the person’s numerology. The names are given to affirm one’s destiny, to elevate personal energy, and to guide the awakening of consciousness.

In either case, the name represents the destiny which a Sikh strives for and can fulfill in his or her lifetime. Sikhs believe that to understand your name is to understand your destiny. Spell it, meditate on it and understand its meaning, and then make it work.


Resources: “Spiritual Names,” 3HO (https://www.spiritual-names.org) and Living Reality (1994) by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa.