2016 Japji Course for the Aquarian Age


As the Cottonwood trees of Northern New Mexico began their annual transformation into a blaze of brilliant yellow, twenty-five students gathered for the Japji Course for the Aquarian Age in Española, NM, USA on the weekend of September 30th. The course was held in the beautifully renovated “Sadhana Nivas” yoga space at the former site of KWTC on Shady Lane. Most students were from out of town and stayed in one of the comfortable and welcoming Ashram Nivas buildings nearby operated by LYF. All meals were included from Friday lunch through Sunday dinner (prepared by Amrit Kaur) and the freshness, quality and flavor of the food impressed all who participated.



The delicious meals and the inspirational Ashram community were two of the elements that helped make the course such a success. The attendees quickly established a close bond with each other as they experienced the power of Japji, discussed its meaning and shared meals together. Morning Sadhana and Gurdwara were also available for those who chose to participate.

The students were given the brand-new 190-page companion book published just in time for the course by SDI, “Guru Nanak’s Call of the Soul: Japji Sahib”. Written by Gurutej Singh and edited by Shanti Kaur and Pritpal Singh, the book draws from the many lectures of the Siri Singh Sahib, using his quotes and meditations where relevant.

japji-course-teachersThe course was presented by the six qualified members of the teaching team (Hari Dharam Kaur, Guruka Singh, Gurutej Singh, Pritpal Singh, Sada Sat Simran Singh and Shanti Kaur) who took turns presenting on every section of Japji, along with the history of Guru Nanak and the origin of Japji. Time was allowed for the students to practice pronunciation in addition to the time spent in deep study of the meaning of Guru Nanak’s words. There were cozy evening programs of moving kirtan and inspiring stories. The course concluded with each student choosing a personal Pauree to recite for 40 days. And then we all gathered for a farewell dinner as the New Mexico sky put on a glorious display of pinks, reds and purples with the sun setting over the mountains.

japji-course-groupHere are some comments from some of the people who attended:

“The teachers were humble, very connected to their hearts and their understanding of the principles of spirituality was beyond my expectation. I know that my life from this point on will change immensely. My gratitude to all the teachers is in my heart! My son and husband will be amazed by the new me!” – Aline

“As I chant JapJi in the morning, I am continually aware of how much the Course has helped me delve further into pronunciation and meaning. This is a real gift, and one that reveals that this process is unending. Thus – any time one is able to take the Course, I highly recommend it.” ~ Kathy

“It was well presented and comprehensive for all levels.” – Jai Hari Kaur

“I appreciate the depth, commitment and delivery of the course.” – Sat Siri Kaur

“I enjoyed the book and the Siri Singh Sahib’s quotes about the Pauris.” – Sat Want Singh

“Great sharing of stories and personal experiences. Supportive environment. I felt cared for and supported to go there.” – Bill

“Content of lectures and knowledge-base of presenters were excellent! When is the next course? I will be back!” – Gauravjit Singh


The book, Guru Nanak’s Call of the Soul:  Japji Sahib, which is shared as part of the Japji for the Aquarian Age Course, is also available for purchase in our Marketplace.

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  1. Kathy Wooten says:

    As a participant in the fall, 2016 JapJi Course, I am also looking forward to enlarging on that experience in September in L.A. So, you see, it was a boon and one I hope you may be able to experience.

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