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Llap Lli Sahib – Tercer Pauree

Semana 4 - Tercer Pauree. En el tercer pauree Guru Nanak pregunta, ¿quién tiene el poder, la profundidad y la comprensión para cantar las alabanzas del Uno? Algunos cantan sobre la grandeza y las virtudes de Dios. Algunos cantan del Uno como Creador. Algunos cantan del Uno como Destructor. Third Pauree transforms insufficiency
Guru Nanak 4th pauree Sewa Singh

Protected: An Introduction to Japji Sahib

Japji Sahib is timeless and universal. Recited daily (Jap), it becomes a companion, slowly revealing insights of your inner journey of self-realization and bringing light and strength to your divine self, your “ji.” The recitation of Japji acts as a medicinal salve or remedy to heal the injuries and the challenges encountered during your life.
Yogi Bhajan SSS Japji

Back to Basics with Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful practice for personal transformation. It works swiftly to energize your whole system and, through you, impact your total environment. This feature is dedicated to highlighting the essential skills and fundamental principles of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. It will serve to focus and refine your daily practice
Back to Basics with Kundalini Yoga

Protected: Life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Nanak was born into a middle-class Hindu family in 1469 in a small village near Lahore, Pakistan. As a boy, he rejected commonly held spiritual conventions and spent as much time as he could in the company of traveling sadhus, mystics, and spiritual teachers. Although well versed in Sanskrit, Persian, and the sacred texts of
Guru Nanak Sewa Singh