8M of Light: Women Gathering Together to Meditate and Heal

Following the 2019 riots and unrest in Chile, Sat Bachan Kaur from Valdivia-Chile was inspired to bring women together to heal themselves, their families and their communities.  Here she shares with our SDI staff about how this plan developed to celebrate and honor the power of prayer and the healing of women.
What is 8M of Light about? How was it created?
It is a free event on March 8th, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, for all those who want to share a moment of elevation and inspiration, honoring the feminine essence as a primal power.
It was created from a need to gather together to elevate our spirit, seeking to remember our experience as women, to be able to serve ourselves in a space of love and connection with our creative and nurturing nature.


What is the purpose of this event and how do you seek to inspire the women of the world?
We want to meet together and connect with our radiance as women, using our invincible spirit to connect with our capacity to nurture humanity.


What do you think will be the impact of this event on a social level?
With the Grace of God, it will allow us to have a new perspective on the internal tools we have and that the world needs now. Since October 2019, Chile has been experiencing a great social transformation, sometimes violent and radical, that has impacted the foundation of our beliefs and security. We as women, with our compassionate nature and our deep inner strength, are the ones opening the spaces of healing and transformation which we so desperately need as humanity.


What are the activities that will be done?
In different cities around the world, we will come together to meditate together, chanting a celestial communication with the affirmation I am the Light of my Soul.  This experience is open to all people, in a universal consciousness of unity and humanity.

How many women are you expecting?
More than 140 women in Chile and around the world are organizing this activity together.  We hope that many people will feel a loving and open space in this activity, and that they will join our wonderful potential for transformation.

What other countries are hosting this event?
Communities in such countries as Argentina, Brazil, Spain and several cities in Chile are participating.

How did you draw inspiration for this event?
We belong to the Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma communities.  No doubt the inspiration comes from the yogic teachings.  Women have the infinite capacity to transform society and to conceive this new humanity that the Gurus wanted to create.

Do you have any message for all the women who are interested in attending?
Join us and let’s organize together this event in many countries, so that we are many vibrating in the Light of our Soul.  The future needs us and we can act now to create spaces for love and healing. We need each other to manifest from within!


Would you like to do the meditation but are unable to attend any of the events in your city? Get creative and make your own Celestial Communication! To learn more about how to do it, click here

Here is a musical version of I am the Light of the Soul by Gurudass Kaur

Here is a musical version of I am the Light of my Soul by Ajeet.


Sat Bachan Kaur, has lived as a Sikh since 2006 in Valdivia, Chile. She is blessed to be raising two children on this spiritual path, actively contributing to the development of Sikh Dharma Chile and the first Akhand Paaths held in Chile. She deeply vibrates with the technology of the Shabad Guru and Banis.

For more information, advertisement and inspiration to organize this event in your city, contact Sat Bachan Kaur: satbachankaur@gmail.com


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