Ajoonee – Part 6 of the Mool Mantra



In Itself, It has
Never been born.

Excerpt from Siri Singh Sahib Lecture on 11/26/1989 – “Why are We Sikhs?”

…”By reciting it (Gurbani), Guru Nanak became Guru Nanak.  Otherwise there was  nothing.  Nanak would have remained just Nanak.  He became Guru Nanak by  reciting  Gurbani, and that is why Gurbani says: “Bani Guru, Guru Hei Bani, Vich  Bani  Amrit Saaray.”  All the nectars are in it.  Why not to recite  something  which gives you the totality and the infinity?  And when you say: “Ik Ong   Kar Sat Gur Prasad.  Ik Ong Kar Sat Nam Karta Purakh Nirbhao Nirvair Akal   Moorat Ajoonee Saibhang  Gur Prasaad Jap Aad Sach Jugaad Sach Heibhee  Sach  Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach.”  It is a typewriter.  It is a permutation  and  combination between the upper palate and the tongue.  And as you  start  reciting Gurbani, with that aspect, watching your conscious  movements of  your tongue (“lingam” they call it) and the upper palate   (the “akasha”)  once that meets, and permutation and combination starts  happening, there’s  nothing.

Some people say they want instant effect.  The very instant effect is,  you  sit down calmly for few minutes.  That’s instant.  It’s right away.  And then  some people say: “It is in Gurmukhi.  We do not know.”  Well, it is a   challenge.  It is a challenge which you must meet.  Somebody asked me,  “Why  I have to read in Gurmukhi?”  I said, “Why you have to learn  typewriter?   Don’t.  Write with your hand.”  You have to learn piano, you  have to press  the keys.  You have to play harmonium, you have to press  the keys. You have  to bring harmony, and that eternal spiritual harmony  is secreted — sacredly  secreted in Gurbani.”

…”You talk Gurbani, you don’t recite Gurbani.  That’s the difference.   That’s  why we sing Gurbani, that’s why bani is in music, that’s why bani  cleanses  us.  Through that cleanliness… through that cleanliness, God  is cleaning  us.  We find out own reality.  In this life, not to find  one’s own reality  is a very harsh experience.  It is a self-denial.  That’s why Guru said:   “Homai vadaa rog hei, daaru vis maaeh.”  Ego is the biggest problem,  biggest  disease.  Ego has solution in it, because if you apply your ego  to find your  reality, you will find it.

It is my prayer and wish that you will understand what Guru Nanak has  said:  “Amrit velaa sach nao vadeeaaee veechaar.  Karamee aavai kaparaa  naderee  moak duaar.  Naanak ayvai jaaneeai sabh aape sacheeaar.”  The  God, the  knower of all truth, knower of all knowledge knows it, and  Naanak knows if  he rises in the ambrosial hour, recites the Gurbani, the  sacredness will  cover secretly all the totality of the man and his  affairs.”

Read Full Lecture Here

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