Dancing at the Annual Espanola Fiesta Event


Our 3HO/Sikh Dharma community had a nice presence at the Annual Fiesta in Espanola, NM this year.  There were 3 performances. On the first day we knew it would be more like a dress rehearsal but Sat Pavan Kaur and 5 others danced and everyone loved it. The second day there were over a hundred watching and the third day was packed with several hundred. There were so many people that a lot of people had trouble seeing the performance. By the 3rd day, we had 12 dancers and everyone loved it by participating too. Even the mayor and city council members danced.

Before each performance, we were introduced with a lot of respect, love and excitement. Every day the crowd was told how great, generous and loving the Sikh community is and what an honor it was to have us here for almost 50 years. Yes, we have been here for just under 2 generations.

So many people came back each day because they loved it and wanted to be a part of the celebration that we brought to the Fiesta. They told us that every year we are invited to come and be a part of the festival.

Sat Pavan Kaur shared her energy, her love for the Siri Singh Sahib and love of dance with every step she took.  People could not get over how she is just the ‘energizer bunny’ – she just kept going and going.  It was an honor to have her here.

fiesta 2016-2

fiesta 2016-3








fiesta 2016-1

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