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Excerpted from a lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan (published in Success and the Spirit). 

Many of you may not recognize your identity, your power, your spirituality and your realism. But you have that graciousness. The only purpose of life is not to be scared of insecurity. Insecurity does nothing but scare a person. It’s a scarecrow. It is a scarecrow that will not let opportunity and grace come and sit and be friendly.

Listen—whatever is going to happen is going to happen. There’s nothing anybody can do. If you feel insecure about it, bad things WILL happen. If you don’t feel insecure, they go away. That’s the Catch-22.

The purpose of prayer is to tie in with Infinity. It’s simple mathematics. The purpose of prayer is to tie into Infinity and when a zero ties into Infinity, it becomes Infinity. Infinity means “all powerful.” That just means you are not scared, you are not afraid. That’s all it means.

You project your fear through prayer with Infinity and multiply and tune in—and your fear goes away. When your fear goes away, the divine takes over. Fear and divinity do not live together. That’s why in the entire Siri Guru Granth Sahib, they say if you are afraid, be afraid of God. Any fear of God is no fear. It is a reverence.

In the western mind, fear is a very dreadful thing. In the eastern mind, fear is a reverence. When you are afraid of somebody, you have reverence about it. To me, it is about Bhao and Bhaao. Fear (Bhao) creates reverence (Bhaao). When I go to the Gurdwara, I am afraid that I will do something wrong, so I am very self-contained. I have complete reverence and command over myself.

When I bow to the Guru, I have a great reverence for the Guru. Now Guru is not sitting there, pulling my ears or doing something to me. But I have a great reverence because I am afraid if I misbehave in the presence of my Guru, it will be wrong.The fear that is being afraid to act wrong gives you reverence . . .

Three things are very important for a man to progress: reverence, manners and kindness. Reverence, manners and kindness. When these three things become your mode of life, then compassion comes.

Compassion gives you three things. Compassion for people will give you the authority over your own passions. Compassion for others gives you the authority to relate to the reality of others. Compassion gives you the authority to gain other people’s trust without even asking for it. Therefore in the decor of the human, one can be highly decorated if one understands that compassion is the key to success.

Intellectually, if you are compassionate, you can put yourself in the other person’s position and totally understand their psyche. Therefore you will not have any confrontations. You can avoid those issues.

So in my realism, I feel that the future holds a very bright and promising, graceful time for those who will continue to serve Sikh Dharma and the Khalsa unity with their own integrity, identity and self on the line. It is my very beautiful experience that if there is a challenge you should start finding a solution. Don’t waste your time in challenging a challenge. The greatest challenge to a challenge is to find the solution. It is in my brightest feeling that God has,

“God has given us all that He wanted to give us once.” (Guru Nanak, 31st Pauree of Japji Sahib, as translated by Yogi Bhajan)

We can use it as we want. When we start using things gracefully, they multiply for us. The grace extends happiness in our life. The graceful attitude determines happiness. You can very well take my personal example. I came here twenty years ago, I never knew which boulevard, which country or which city I was going to. I wandered—a man without direction. But I knew God was asking me to come here, so there was a purpose . . .

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