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Happiness Runs

Sat Nam Dear Family, There’s a song we sing called “Happiness Runs” which was first sung and released by Donovan in 1969. It’s almost like a camp song. By that I mean that its very simple, rhythmic, and catchy. It could even sung in rounds. The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, loved this song.
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Bow to the Now

A Story about the Siri Singh Sahib Ji Sat Nam Dear Family, “Sir, what do teachers mean when they tell students to live in the Now? I mean, I get it, but there must be more than I know?” Along with many other students, we were sitting on the veranda of the cabin
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Yogi Bhajan, Llevo al Guru Conmigo

Sat Nam Querida Familia, “No necesito ir al Gurdwara, señor. Yo llevo al Guru conmigo a todas partes.” Ahora, quién podría discutir con esta declaración? Quién no quiere llevar a su Guru consigo mismo? Te diré quien tiene otra opinión, Yogi Bhajan, el Siri Singh Sahib, él es quién. El tiene una respuesta interesante
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Yogi Bhajan, I Carry Guru With Me

Sat Nam Dear Family, “I don’t need to go to Gurdwara, sir. I carry Guru with me everywhere.” Now, who could argue with this statement? Who doesn’t want to carry their Guru with them? I’ll tell you who has another opinion, Yogi Bhajan, the Siri Singh Sahib, that’s who. He has an interesting and
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