Beautiful Artwork Created by Children to Honor Guru Nanak

SDI hosted a drawing contest for Sikh Dharma community members around the world to share their drawings of Guru Nanak, or any aspect of his life or his Bani, with our global community to celebrate Guru Nanak Dev ji’s birthday and legacy in a spirit of love, reverence and creative expression!

After the drawings were submitted, the global SDI community voted for their favorite drawings.

The results of the contest are shared below. We were humbled, awed and amazed by all of the beautiful artwork of Guru Nanak that was shared by children!

First Place Winners 

“Dhan Guru Nanak” – Drawing of Guru Nanak by Prabh Shabad Kaur.


“Guru Nanak ji” – Drawing of Guru Nanak by Tejal.


Second Place Winners

Drawing of Guru Nanak by Miss Soumyaa Rout.


“Honest and Greedy” – Drawing of Guru Nanak by Gurdip.


Third Place Winner

Drawing of Guru Nanak by Aarna Patel.


More Amazing Drawings Submitted

Ek Ong Kaar – Drawing by Gurbandgi Noor.


“Char Udasi” – Drawing by Anshdeep Singh


All of the drawings submitted were wonderful and we were grateful to receive each of them! Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

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