Blessing of Bibi Bhani

Painting: Bibi Bhani, the Rupa Collection (18th century).

From “Blessings of a Woman”  by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

‘Poota Mata Kee Aasees’ is prayer that a mother makes to her child to develop his or her highest potential as a spiritual being. This mantra may provide a high vibration of protection everywhere the child goes. The sound current may change the DNA of the child while uplifting and purifying the space around the child. Out of pure spiritual connection, the mother can pray for the divinity of her child, and trust that the shabad has a vibratory frequency which carries incredible light.

Chanting ‘Poota Mata Kee Aasees’ can bring a miracle. There are so many women longing to conceive healthy pregnancies, or find fertile circumstances for adoption. For women desperately longing for a baby, life can feel quite empty. Yet this shabad has the potential to create a magical opening and receptive space for a woman. I have seen quite a few women conceive beautiful healthy pregnancies after chanting this mantra… some of these women were told by physicians that their bodies would never carry a baby to term. Yes… a baby is a miracle… and miracles are real. Changing the energy of a situation with the vibratory frequency of this mantra has profound benefits.

The lines in the prayer are by Bibi Bhani, the mother of Guru Arjan Dev. Guru Arjan Dev was the son of Guru Ram Das, and his mother spoke this beautiful blessing to him one day before he was Guru, to keep him safe on a journey. It is now attributed to Guru Arjan and is one of the sacred treasures in Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred Sikh scripture which compiles spiritual and mystical hymns with a philosophy suitable for many faiths. Each line in this prayer carries an amazing blessing, so to have these beautiful blessings together is just so very powerful, like a mala of sacred beads.

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  1. Wow! the explantion is so beautiful, which I never knew until now. Today this morning this shabad was sung by three bhai ji in Gurudwara Dashmesh Darbar Brampton and it touched my heart and I felt my son is close to me in under my protection and love, who is angry with us for last one year and even don’t speak with us.

  2. Peut on proposer ce mantra à une femme qui cherche en vain une grossesse ? Malgré des analyses médicales parfaites ?

    • OngKar Kaur Khalsa says:

      Wahe Guru, Ram Singh. While we can’t make any claims as to how Guru will help her, it surely cannot hurt for her to chant/listen to this Shabad. Here is more from our website about pregnancy: Also, Dr. Harsimranjeet Singh, who lives in Ottawa, Canada, practices Naturopathic Medicine with a special focus on Reproductive Health and Fertility, helping couples from around the world trying to conceive and providing treatments throughout pregnancy. He is also a certified teacher in Kundalini Yoga. You can reach him at: Sending love and prayers to her!

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