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Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru

El primer Guru de los Sikhs, Guru Nanak, era servido por un músico maravilloso, Mardana, quien acompañó los cantos de las composiciones sagradas del Guru por muchos años. Después que Mardana murió, dos jóvenes y talentosos músicos, Balwand y Satta, se convirtieron en músicos prominentes en el Darbar (corte) del Guru. Sirvieron a Guru Nanak
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Compañerismo Para Toda La Humanidad

Guru Nanak, el primer Guru Sikh, tuvo una experiencia de iluminación divina. Estaba sumergido bajo las aguas del río Kali Bien por tres días. Cuando lo encontraron, su primera declaración fue, “no hay Hindú, no hay Musulmán”. Al principio esta declaración puede parecer confusa, pero expresa una idea que se volvió el fundamento de todos
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Celebrating the Birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

As was customary in India in the 1400s, an astrologer was called to cast the horoscope for a newborn infant. He amazed everyone by saying, “This is no ordinary child. This infant is a divine incarnation.” He predicted that this soul would have a profound influence on the world. The astrologer was definitely right, for
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Bandi Chhor Divas: A Day of Liberation

Guru Hargobind set off for Gwalior. There he found the prisoners living in terrible conditions without adequate food or clothing. Among the prisoners were rajas whose kingdoms and thrones had been taken over by Jahangir. The Guru lived with them, shared his meager rations with them, and comforted them with stories of Guru Nanak and
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Do You Know How the Golden Temple Sarovar is Kept Clean and Clear?

This article is courtesy of Miri Piri Academy Our annual forty days of ishnaan seva at the Golden Temple continues (Follow on instagram @mpaspirit). The site on which the Golden Temple rests has been a space for quiet reflection for centuries. Originally a small lake in the middle of a forest, many saints
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Guru Gobind Singh and the Shabad Guru

The Shabad Guru of Guru Nanak evolved through the crystal psyche of the ten great Sikh Guru's and the Shabad once again rose as the single and uncontested Guru of the Sikhs. So the Shabad Guru reigns even today. To embrace the Shabad as your Guru, teacher, and guide takes courage and devotion.
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The Invention of the Gurmukhi Script

Many people who practice Kundalini Yoga as taught by the Siri Singh Sahib - Yogi Bhajan love the mantras and chants. But where did these chants come from? What language are they written in? Kundalini Yoga often uses chants taken from the language of Gurmukhi.  As far as languages go, Gurmukhi is relatively new. It’s
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The Shabad is my Guru

Shabad – the sound that cuts the ego. Guru – the wisdom that takes us from darkness to light. In his teachings, Yogi Bhajan, also known as the Siri Singh Sahib of Sikh Dharma, taught that the Shabad Guru would become the guiding wisdom for people in the Aquarian Age. But what, exactly, is the
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