Conscious Business

amrit singh phd

Amrit Singh Khalsa, PHD, Based on The Teachings Of Yogi Bhajan

This book describes a different approach to business. Any person and any business can practice what they do either consciously or unconsciously. If you practice business consciously, you will make better decisions because you will have a fuller understanding of all the facts, undistorted by personal agendas. Also, the clarity that comes with conscious business practices leads directly to greater personal satisfaction from your work.
The business world is too complex and too fast paced these days to go about it unconsciously. In fact, the pace of change is so fast—and it will only get faster—that anyone at any level of business needs to have tools to sort out the facts from wishful thinking, reality from misperceptions. This book gives you those tools.

Consciousness is always the way to find the righteous action, what is uniquely appropriate, in every situation. In the world today there are less and less absolute rights or wrongs. Different things are appropriate at different times, and it is only consciousness that can tell you what is uniquely right for each situation, what is righteous for that moment in time. That is why conscious business can never be reduced to a collection of rules or guidelines. Instead of telling you how to act in business, this book gives you a different way of thinking about your business so that you can find the uniquely right action in every circumstance. When you can exhibit the characteristics described in this book, you will have the consciousness to be able to act righteously at work.

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