Developing Your Sensory System for the Aquarian Age

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Lecture by Siri Singh Sahib Ji at the Millis Yoga Festival October 13, 2001

We have been talking since 1972 about the Age of Aquarius, so that people may be familiar with the changes they are going to have to face. As we get close to that time, we have finally started Aquarian Times to go further into those changes.
The attack on New York was traumatic; life will be different. And our projections need to be different. Whereas we are all like one family acting and working and trying to be conscious, we also have to meditate and develop our sensory systems so that we can be very confirmed.

There are circumstances that sometimes make you change your program and time. This will happen very often. Kindness is one thing that we have to develop. Compassion is one thing that we have to develop. Caring for each other we have to develop. Reaching out and not being mean and shallow, we have to understand. So these are kinds of laws that are very compulsory in the coming time. Human behavior has to be crystal clear as a diamond! Humankind will be expected to be nice. It is just nature. You will be great only because you are great. And humankind has to always remember to be great, to help, to be compassionate, to be at one with each other, to reach out to others. Nobody should go hungry; nobody should be thirsty: We welcome everybody. We give hugs as we do it. And parents should understand that they have to give children values and virtues rather than pass on their neuroses.
There are so many things that do have to change. Either we’ll all change slowly and gradually – and come out to be positive or – be eliminated. That’s what it is. Actually my idea to talk to you was that you might have questions. So please ask, and we can talk and have fun and learn some things. Q: What is a meditation that can open our hearts now?
A: Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and Sat Kriya. Sat Kriya is as essential as our breath. And, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is to develop. So one is to build the base; the other is to develop. That is the honest truth. The rest is a conversation.
Q: How do we deal with the violent response to the violence and the fact the war on terrorism means that we are killing people in response?
A: Violence is a matter of definition. We should not be violent, but self-defense is our right. So you have to understand that if you are not violent you are wonderful. But if you allow the violence, and you cannot consciously defend yourself, then you are wrong; that you should be very clear about. Q: How do we deal with our fear?
A: Fear? Fear of what? What are you afraid of? When a person is not in gratitude with kindness and compassion and gratitude, then there’s a fear. There’s also hatred; there’s jealousy, shallowness, nonsense. These only come when one is not in touch with God within. The main experience in the Age of Aquarius is God within; then you are grateful, you are merciful, you are passionate, you are wonderful. Whatever God has given you, He’ll give more. From time immemorial we have been taking His virtues and blessings—and living. No worry about it. Fear is only a short-circuit. “Oh, I am bankrupt; I am a pauper. Oh! I am sick; I am dying. Oh, it is a stretch!” It’s called mental attribution to destroy one’s self-existence and confidence. Fear takes on the personality of a non-realistic state of asking for sympathy. So please have no fear. Stay clear.
Q: What is prayer? How do we pray and what do we pray for?
A: The best prayer is when between you and God there’s none. That is the best prayer. You feel His almighty existence, and He feels your existence. That is prayer. You feel Ang Sang Wahe Guru—you feel that in each limb of you, in each fiber of you, He is in them, and you are in His fiber. It’s a feeling. Prayer is not rare. Prayer is when your need and your self are clean and clear, and the Infinite is with you. It’s just thinking that “there’s nothing good and bad, thinking makes it so.” And when your thinking is very profound, very excellent, then you are in prayer. You live in prayer. You walk in prayer, you talk in prayer, and you sleep in prayer. Prayer is all that which is keeping you alive.
Q: How do we stay strong?
A: When you are not wrong, you’ll stay strong and you’ll sing a song. God is with you.

Q: How do we maintain our intimacy and sense of community?
A: There is no intimacy without compassion. There is no love without compassion. There is no community without compassion. It is caring and compassion; the rest is all a joke. Never be selfish—be caring, be compassionate, be kind.
Q: How do we know when we are succeeding in our yoga practice?
A: When you become Universal. When you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all. Yoga is a union between you and your God. It is an everlasting bond. Thank you, love you. God bless you. And God bless America. May we change our heart, our head, our personality, and our reality so that we can go through the Age of Aquarius and Aquarian times in peace and tranquility. Sat Nam.

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