Evolution of Consciousness


by SS Dr. Kartar Singh Khalsa DOM, Santa Fe NM
Fall 2016

As we go through the evolutionary process of consciousness, our souls develop the capacity to experience life more thoroughly through the Subtle Body. The Subtle Body—being the container for the soul and the sensory organ of the soul—gives us the capacity to experience the subtlety of God in all things.

As our consciousness grows, so does our ability to “read between the lines,” in order to pick up the subtle cues expressed in the ways people speak and act. When students or patients come to us, they are looking for support and elevation; in these critical moments we have the opportunity to serve them through the Subtle Body.

Compassionate Inquiry

In my journey becoming a Kundalini Yoga student, a Sikh, a Sikh Dharma Minister, and a healer under Yogi Bhajan’s guidance, there have been countless opportunities along the way for me to grow in subtlety.

Recently I was dealing with a student who had a lot of challenges with her father when she was growing up. I innocently asked her about an outfit she was wearing; from her reaction I quickly realized that this was a trigger for her. In that moment I saw an opportunity to support her growth through compassionate inquiry.

I asked some questions about her father’s behavior during her youth; she said that she had been constantly confronted about her appearance and her choices. I continued with more specific questions about the choices she had made in preparing for this day. As I supported and validated those choices, I observed a change in her entire demeanor. I would like to believe that this person benefited from our conversation and was able to walk forward in a more elevated state.

I think all of us as Ministers are graced with opportunities to serve and elevate others through the Subtle Body. I consider it to be a privilege to contribute to the evolution of my own consciousness and to support the evolution of others.

This article is courtesy of the SDI Ministry

drkartarAbout the Author

Dr. Kartar Singh is a Sikh Dharma Minister, Kundalini Yoga teacher and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He was part of a group of healers who saw the Siri Singh Sahib every morning for eight years. Dr. Kartar has practiced Acupuncture and Herbology in New Mexico since 2001, specializing in pain management, internal cleansing, and addiction recovery. His mission in living and sharing these ancient yogic and healing principles is to enable all people to lead a conscious, healthy life, in harmony and peace on this planet. Dr. Kartar has lived a yogic lifestyle since 1986 and is the father of two sons who attend Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India.

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