The Whole World in Your Hands


by SS Sat Kartar Kaur Khalsa, Espanola NM (as told to SS Sangeet Kaur, Article Editor)
Fall 2016

I came to Hacienda de Guru Ram Das in Espanola in April 1991. One day I was doing some seva (service) at the Ranch [the Siri Singh Sahib’s residence]. I was just coming back from cleaning a trailer, with a brush and rag in hand. Let’s just say, I was not elegantly attired. The Siri Singh Sahib ji was in the dining room and saw me. “Oh you, come here!”  He had me sit down at the table with all the staff whowere elegantly attired, all pretty with their chunis. He began to talk to me.

I was extremely shy and didn’t know much English at the time. One of his staff had the gift of making the Master’s words simple so that I could understand. I tried to respond in my broken English. He asked me what I did in life. He already knew but he asked anyway, just to hear it from me. When I answered that I gave massage, he had an incredibly dramatic reaction. First he said “You are good and you don’t know it.” And then he exclaimed: “You have so much power in your hands! Somebody give me a glass of water!” Later on, I came to understand that he was trying to make me confident. He said, “Come tomorrow to give me a foot massage.” From that day onward I had the blessing of giving massage to the Master.

During those sessions he rarely spoke to me. The most he would say was “Push hard.” I came to realize that that was to reinforce the power in my hands. What I learned about was the reverence you need when you approach a body, because the body is the temple of your soul. The body is the vehicle that we need to care about and we need to think of it as a gift. We get only one – not like a car. When I gave massage to Siri Singh Sahib ji, I would meditate before approaching him. During the treatment I would always keep a mantra going silently– either Guru Guru Wahe Guru or Ra Ma Da Sa. I remember the day when a healer came from Mexico. What Siri Singh Sahib ji liked most about her was that she prayed and meditated throughout the treatment. That seemed to be of the utmost importance to him.

Listening to the Silence

My gift number is 9, the Subtle Body.  Guru Teg Bahadur is my gift. I want to study him more, but I know that he was a great meditator. Whether I am giving a healing treatment, teaching about massage, or in an ordinary daily life situation, meditation brings me to my Subtle Body. This allows me to “read between the lines” without external information and without words. I can listen to the silence.

Magic Lotus flower

The experience is deeper when the other person doesn’t talk. Speech can often mask what’s going on. When giving massage it’s always something subtle: a person might tell me that he has a back problem, but as I work I might find that I need to focus elsewhere in the body. Sometimes people don’t realize that they have something that needs to be released. Your hands go and do, and in the release healing may happen.  It comes from the intelligence of the hands. In the words of the Siri Singh Sahib, “Life has many surprises. You can, with the touch of your hand, give somebody an experience of infinity.”

Healing Hands

At the end of this interview Sat Kartar Kaur asked Sangeet Kaur: “Why did you interview me? It’s all in the book The Miracle of Healing Hands by SS Dr. Waheguru Singh.” She said that she shares these inspiring words from Waheguru Singh with teachers, students, and clients wherever she goes. She shares them now with all of our readers.

Healing Hands by SS Dr. Waheguru Singh, Los Angeles, CA
(from The Miracle of Healing Hands)

Healing hands are the projection booth.
Healing hands have heart.
Healing hands reshape deformed tissues, restructure what is disorganized, and nurture without words.
They are the two antennae of prayer for the person who has placed himself under those hands.
It may seem improbable but healing hands make health possible.
Healing hands warm the cold, dry, and prematurely aged tissues.
Healing hands radiate the light of the invisible, making health visible.
Healing hands hold life together when all of life is falling in pieces.
Healing hands organize what is chaos.
Healing hands also make chaos of that which is too structured.
Healing hands come from the soul, represent the soul, and make the soul known.
Healing hands bless the person they touch.
Healing hands begin in silence, treat in silence, and return to silence.
Healing hands express the love that cannot be known by words.
Healing hands do each day what God never does.
Blessed is the person’s life who has a chance to be touched by the soul
   With hands that heal.
Healing hands are not taught,
Healing hands treat the most obnoxious human being,
Healing hands treat the untreatable,
Healing hands are the healing.

This article is courtesy of the SDI Ministry

satkartarkESPSS Sat Kartar Kaur has practiced the art of massage, Shiatsu and reflexology and Cranio Sacral therapy for many years, in her native country Belgium as well as Canada, France, and the U.S.  She is a Kundalini Yoga certified teacher and travels to Europe teaching and sharing the technology of Kundalini Yoga and yogic massage techniques from the Siri Singh Sahib. She had the privilege to be part of the team of people taking care of the Siri Singh Sahib and has the blessings to care for the Estate of Guru Ram Das in Espanola, where he lived for many years.

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