Experiencing the Cozy and Thriving Energy of the Guru’s Home

Satkirin Kaur shares her experience of the April 2017 European Khalsa Spring Festival in Boizenburg, Germany

Slowly, gently, drop by drop, the stream of nectar trickles down within.

“Jhim Jhim Varasay Amrit Dhaaraa”.

Water trickling down the canal under the small foot bridge to enter Shabad Guru’s new home in Europe.
Rain drops splashing on the cobble stone streets of this 300 year old village of Boizenburg, Germany.
The nectar of our Shabads renewing and restoring the sanctity of this space and the sanctity of our souls.
The water blessing all who gathered to celebrate the rebirth of the Khalsa on this Baisakhi weekend.

In April 2017, we had the blessing to celebrate a European Baisakhi and dedicate our new Gurdwara in Germany.

Fifty five beautiful people, of all ages, from many parts of Europe, came together to experience their own renewel through the practice of Sadh Sangat – the community of fulfillment

This Gurdwara is also the home of GRD Academy. Picture a lovely stream flowing along one side with a small foot bridge to cross over to enter Guru’s door. This old beautiful building was a Synogogue for a once thriving Jewish community that resided in Boizenburg. The Synogogue and the community was destroyed during the Nazi control of Germany (1936- 1945). How fitting that it has been resurrected and now renewed as a house of God and Shabad Guru.

Everyone stayed at Guru Ram Das Ashram, just a 3 minute walk from the Gurdwara. All were able to read in the 3 day continuous reading of the Guru (called Akandh Path). Participants enjoyed daily Sadhana in the Amrit Vela, prepared, served and ate Guru’s prasad and langar, attended classes during the day with Sat Hari Singh and Satkirin Kaur and enjoyed the evening kirtan darbars.

Most people commented how we all felt so “at home” together in the space.

When the sun broke through the clouds on the 3rd day, we remarked that we would come again next year, and bring many more of our European Khalsa family, to grow our identity and love of Khalsa.

This event was organized by Sat Hari Singh of Hamburg, Guru Dev Kaur of Hamburg, Siri Kartar Kaur of Boizenburg and Satkirin Kaur of USA. We look forward to a Punj of organizers (5 or more) from other countries in Europe to help with the planning for next year and to grow our Khalsa identity and this Baisakhi event. Please join us in planning next year’s Baisakhi and let us know of your interest.

Here is a photo slideshow from this event with music by Sat Hari Singh of the shabad “Toon Mera Pita” in both Gurmukhi and German:

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