Giving Thanks for the Sevadars Who Continue to Serve

On Friday, the students at Miri Piri Academy completed 40 days of parkarma seva at the Golden Temple. For 40 days they rose in the Amrit Vela to complete this beautiful seva.

The Siri Singh Sahib himself participated in this seva for four years continuously.

“Now can you believe me, I was intelligent officer at Amritsar. . . . At exact five o’clock I will just come down, drop my uniform, go back and go to the Golden Temple and just wipe the floors. Somebody once asked me, ‘Why everyday you come and wipe the floor?’ I said, ‘Who knows, who knows that whose feet had the dust which will just clean my consciousness. Who knows?’  Who knows? It is true Guru Ram Das started Golden Temple, Guru Arjun completed it, but now millions and millions of people of God have walked on those floors. The floors are holy.” ~ Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, November 27, 1978

Many like the Siri Singh Sahib cherish this seva and continue to humbly serve each and every day. There are many, many devoted men and women who we see each and every morning when we enter the Golden Temple. They won’t stop at 40 days, but will continue serving for 40 years or more. They’ve made this seva, this service, the core of their life, their devotion to the Guru and their fulfillment. It’s a blessing for us to be in their presence and serving along side them in Chardi Kala.

Today and every day we give thanks to all those Sevadars who serve around the world, all those who see God in all and continue the spirit of Seva in their homes, their communities, and holy places.


In Gratitude,
From all the MPA Students and Staff

Interested in visiting the Golden Temple to participate in this seva yourself?  We invite you to join Sikh Dharma International and our global community on our 2019 Yatra to celebrate the 550th birthday of Guru Nanak.  Visit our yatra website to find out more.

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