Gratitude as an Attitude for Life

Sardarni Guru Amrit Kaur

Gratitude opens the heart so we can bring clarity to our life’s focus. Gratitude fills us with life to vibrate the Cosmos and opens doors for us to move forward. Living with an attitude of gratitude honors the Grace of God within us which is manifesting the present moment to serve our evolution. Gratitude puts us into a relationship with life that brings opportunities to benefit us. Gratitude creates a future filled with the abundance of what we hope to manifest.

Gratitude is one of the core attitudes in life that will serve us throughout the magnitude of any challenge or life lesson that we face. When the stress of life challenges our day to a point we feel overwhelmed, it is essential right then to focus on gratitude. Recognize that sometimes the abundance is so much we might choose to use ego or negativity to slow down our growth, but gratitude can open abundance instead, as well as bring forth divine gifts. The best way to do this is to find anything you can appreciate and build that into a feeling of gratitude. Then expand that feeling to be your attitude toward the day. When filled with gratitude, it opens us to discover the bounty of many gifts, talents, skills and divine boons that are emerging to support us in our service to others.

When life overwhelms us with pressure, demanding change, it is easy to fall into negativity, then blame or polarize in order to filter out the pain instead of addressing the source of the pain and make the needed changes. It is gratitude that offers us the tools to lessen the pain and bring new abilities from any tragedy, treachery or betrayal to support a more life affirming way to be. Ego limits us by using negativity, but it is gratitude that sets us free. Gratitude is the antidote to negativity. Genuine gratitude raises our spirits so we dwell in God, enjoying an awareness of the infinite and its essential benevolence, as we face all the internal and external pulls of life. It is through gratitude that we can awaken our unique talents which emerge as we evolve, living in appreciation of God’s gift of life.

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