Higher you are, Humbler you are



Something which I have practiced for many many years and I have qualified myself to look at myself as I am entering my 61st year. I have to share with you certain aspects of life which normally do not exist in spiritual education.

In the last 5,000 years spirituality has accumulated knowledge that if you put all the knowledgeable books of the spirituality which come through, you will require 200,000 square miles to build up a library and it has to be as high as 108 stories, so you can well understand how much we have accommodated ourselves. And it is not true that we have not been damaged. I think the entire record was translated into Arabic — from Arabic back to Latin, and all that. It is not that spiritual records have not been destroyed.

Like the Sikh reference library, which was intentionally burned when the Akal Takhat was attacked, and it is 500 years of manuscripts and records which the world will never have again, but it was done with the simple idea to destroy the backbone and the records. So, a ruling nation which wants to destroy the nation which they want to rule, they destroy their literature… their reference. And that’s why the reference library was destroyed. There was a full plan intention. There was not a one person in there, and napalm bomb was thrown so everything turned out to be ashes.

What I’m trying to relate to you is that we have survived. We have survived Vadaa Kaloo Kalaa, we have survived Chotaa Kaloo Kalaa. It means we have survived when almost 80% of the entire living Sikh community was destroyed by doubt. And THEN people got us. Why?

There is some undying, immortal spirit with which we live. After all, that is the basic cornerstone of Sikh Dharma. And I’m going to explain to you in a very simple language, rather than going through the gibberish of it for nothing.

Many of you are Sikhs for 20 years. But you have not understood certain things. And some of you are still afraid, scared, believing in God but not trusting God… loving God but not being blind about it (and love and blindness come together). Playing your egomaniac games, playing your status games, playing your control games…..

20 years in United States — it is not that I have not gone through the cut of everything. There is a one survivor technique which I have used which I would like to share with you as Sikhs. I let my personality be walked over. I let my personality and my identity be abused, but I never let my wisdom go.

I calculate with three things: my totality; my reality; and my mission. My totality is that people have a fundamental right to be happy. That’s my totality. My reality is that Guru Gobind Singh acted that miracle and was successful, and I am a Sikh, therefore it will be possible. And my understanding of everything is that I have no status. I have no self. Had I got .00001 as a self, I would have been totally gone and you would not have found me sitting here. I would have a long time ago eaten up for no reason of it.

Life has a mission. It has a motive and you can learn certain things. Now understand with me, let us come to Anandpur Sahib and let us visualize certain things as they were… There sits a man on a throne of spiritual and royal imperial self, and he is called Guru Gobind Rai. Nine years old, he was a Guru. Exact nine years.

Sometimes you… “Oh, I am only 16,” or “I am only 21,” or “I am 18.” I don’t know when you are going to grow up. But not growing up is a personal virtue. There are three things we do in our life: we don’t want to grow up, we are self-destructive, and we are self-inflicting on ourself. Emotionally we destroy our own mind because negative mind we stretch it to the point that we have no power to have positive or neutral mind, and we live by negative mind and we stretch it so much that it becomes such a habit without which we cannot even live. So in that way we are slaves. We have confined ourselves to such a zero degree that if any movement is required by us or flexibility is required by us, we can’t go wrong.

Some people have a phobia of a woman. Some people have phobia of a father, mother. Phenomena of father, mother. Twenty years of counseling has taught me, the whole life is wasted by the individual to get rid of his parental attitude in which his attitude has to fix itself. Twenty years of my counseling has shown me, no person is by himself, for himself and to be himself. We are all working out our parental phenomena or our parental attitude or our parental pains. That’s why this rebirthing is such a powerful thing because it makes you cry. They let you release, they tell you… though they do not know what they are doing (yogically they do not know) to get into a shuniaa. The process of pratyahar in yoga is very successful. To get into a shuniaa, to get into a zero and then expand to a million is the process of pratyahar.

There are two items in yoga: Pranayam means expansion to Infinity and pratyahar means to contract to zero. And if a person does not know that, then just understand if there is a car which has no transmission. It is a fixed car — you drive it and you gas it, it works it or not works it, and that is why people are taking drugs. People are not taking drugs because they are enjoying drugs. I can tell you that. People take drugs because they don’t have transmissions. So they have to accelerate from outside. In other words, a car is going, gas pedal is all up, and it is not going up the hill. So what you need? Ask friends to push it up. That’s what you do.

Having no self-transmission available to us is totally known to Sikh Dharma. We know it. That human weakness is not what human strength is. We know a human strength is just like that of God. It is a part God, part angel, part human. We know that. But we know our animal nature overrides everything. And one thing it takes away from us is acceptability to flexibility because flexibility endangers us… makes us insecure. It is such a deathly thing to be rigid. When you say that I am rigid, you know how deadly I am. It is so deadly to be stiff. If you don’t know, get into some sub-zero temperatures which mentally you get into in your own cocoon, and then you can’t move, you can’t adjust.

Transportation principle is that you cannot transport until you do not have gears. And gears give you power, strength and adjustability to cope up with the time and space, and you are on the road. And Sikh Dharma is basically based on that flexibility. It is based on that reality. It is based on that totality that we should have the capacity — spiritual and personal — to adjust without insecurity. In our very own mantra there are two lines: Nirbhao, Nirvair. We are fearless and we have no vengeance. Some people think vengeance is a necessity and fear is a reality. Both are wrong. Fear only comes to you when you cannot cope up with a situation. And you cannot cope up with a situation when you do not have your transmission… you do not know which gears you have to go through. And you do not want to change the gears because you think something will fall apart. You cannot adjust with it. So, it is a mental game which every human plays.

You are not the only one who plays this game. I have counseled people who are most successful… so successful that they have reached the point where success does not mean anything at all. They are so rich that richness does not mean anything at all, because they have no reach. Because every stage of achievement has a plateau. That’s why in Sikh Dharma many Mukhia Singh Sahibs we lost. They inspired themselves to be a Mukhia Singh Sahib. Reaching a stage of a Mukhia Singh Sahib, they didn’t know where to go. They reversed themselves. They do not know Mukhia Singh Sahib is a status. It belongs to the whole world. When you become a Mukhia Singh Sahib, it means you have become such an exalted self, you can speak for the whole world. You can understand the whole world. You can understand God. You can relate to it. You can be it.

I want to share with you exactly where I followed it.

I asked myself: “Am I a Sikh?” I questioned myself. And then I answered myself: “Yes, I think I am a Sikh.” I wanted to know how a man of nothing can become everything. I tried in Sikh Dharma to study Guru Gobind Singh. I tried. Because every son has to follow the father. Guru Gobind Singh is the father of the Khalsa. I wanted to study. And I also wanted to study how a nine year old could become a perfect Guru, and how he can change to challenge the time and space and how he became Guru Gobind Singh. That was a very curious study on my part. I did it very uniquely. Nine year old became Guru Gobind Rai, the perfect Guru. He has all what is needed, he has his counsellors, he has his domain, he has his congregation and he has all his training. He didn’t need one thing. What happened? On a certain day of Baisakhi, in a certain year, he sent a very special message. He got tired of the corruption and he got tired of the stereotype of ‘religion.’ He found man has no independence. He found the man has always bowed to a man. He
found the man does not have the capacity to develop his Infinity in his wisdom, in his ability to adjust to circumstances, to adjust to leadership, because he found out that so long man is scared of death, man shall compromise.

You may not know it, death is a very vital situation, and to be insecure is a semi-death. Polite, light, but it is a death. Why people lie? There’s no such thing as a lie. They’re insecure, they want time and space, they want to get through it. Why people attack each other? They are insecure. Why they are insecure? Because they do not know reality and reality is there is One God, and everybody is part of it. Who’s playing who?

If you analyze the way I am talking to you, things look very simple, but they are very complicated for you to do it. And that’s why I wanted to start the year of prosperity onward this life of 1990 with you, so that if you come along to be Sikhs and come along to be on this path, you should have no misunderstanding whatsoever. We SHALL grow! We SHALL become ‘niy chaan vekhro’. There’s no doubt about it. And don’t worry about it. If we can’t do it, somebody else will do it. Will of God cannot be changed by a man. Men are part of that Will.

So please understand, Sikh Dharma is not going to be because 20 of us or 40 of us are Sikhs, or 30 of us. Sikh Dharma is going to be because we have destiny. But also try to understand, when you have destiny, you have a fate and they run parallel. Wisdom and stupidity run parallel because a wise man has to do one wrong act and he becomes a stupid. And more stupid because as a wise man he is known very widely so when he becomes a stupid, he becomes stupid very wisely. His wisdom does him in for all purposes. And therefore you have to be very careful in life where you change the gears, how you change the gears, where you press the pedal of the gas, and where you try to run your car.

And when I heard the mantra, “Ek Ong Kar,” I said, “Wait a minute. It is just running a car going through the path of life, reaching the destination… the city. Starting well, checking all the points.” Fortunately my training I was M.T…. Motor Transport Officer. And I had a whole crew under my command to keep cars update, jeeps update, field staff update, all that. And I found out very simple things. Whenever a driver and cleaner goes to his job to pick up a car, you have “Ek Ong Kar,” but he had only a car. There’s a list on the wall of do’s and don’t’s. He has to check oil, he has to check water, he has to check this, he has to check that. And he has also to make a tick mark.

Then one day I was flying with Ek Ong Kar Singh on a small little plane. And that was also Ek Ong Kar, flying a plane. And he started checking a book and started ticking, “My this is okay, my this is okay, my that.” And he started communicating and then he got the clearance.

If we that way get our consciousness to give us clearance for each day, don’t we become the happiest people? And that is sadhana, and that is Sikh Dharma. In the morning we cannot match up. I have called people at 3:00, 2:00, and it is, “Yeah? Oh, yes, hello. OH, SIR! IT IS YOU!!” And I think, “Oh my God, somebody is howling at me.” But in ten minutes or five minutes, they come to a point that they understand that they have to talk to me and they have to have certain posture of talking. Position and posture comes in about, with some in one minute, and some it takes almost ten minutes.

So what we got is, “Amrit Vela Sach Naao Vadeeaaee Veechaar.” We get up early in the morning, we rise, we do our sadhana so that we can match up with the day, with absolute reality. Face the reality with reality. Don’t face the reality with the laziness and slowness. You will never be successful. You are your own enemy. You can’t make it. And that’s why sadhana is an act. Some people think sadhana is a punishment. I agree with them. I agree with them. Because those who want to punish themselves during the day, and they do not want to match up with reality as reality… and do not want to prepare themselves… they are afraid to face the day and they have that fear. They are always afraid of sadhana and shall continue to be so.

Sadhana does not do anything to us except prepare us for a bad day. And Nanak has said: “Amrit Velaa Sach Naao Vadeeaaee Veechaar, Karamee Avay kaparaa nadaree moakh duaar, Naanak avay jaaneeai sabh aapay sachiaar.” “Naanak, this I know only this way, that my actions will be covered.” How you can cover your actions? If you have a tremendous flexibility — you are sharp, you are intuitive, you know what you are saying, you know what you are doing, and you also understand 100% what other person wants, what he is saying, what he is doing and what he is relating to. Because life is a mutual interaction. And you, if you run life with only a single interaction — your action within your mind — you are a failure to start with, and mind you, 99% of people do this mistake. They relate within their minds, within their feelings, with their ideas, with their thoughts, within themselves.

Everybody wants to interpret life as he or she wants. We Sikhs interpret the life as Guru wants. That’s why we got out of that jungle to start with. Have no misunderstanding of that.

And try to understand the ninth Guru going to sacrifice himself and tenth Guru, knowing it that he will be without father. Nine year old boy, knowing that he has to take the total responsibility of his father, and plus he shall be without father, and he lived through it. Not only lived through it successfully, let us to go the second step he took. On one Baisakhi he called everybody to come and they said between 80,000 and 90,000 people came.
And I believe that record because it is written by those who were the intelligence officers of the imperial court. Because they wrote also so abusively that they kept their venom but they wrote the facts. And just understand… a man of absolute spirituality, peace and tranquility, sitting on the seat of Nanak, respected and revered as the ultimate man, coming with a sword in his hand and saying: “I want to chop of the head of one person. Is there any volunteer?”

They say many looked back, many looked otherwise, many tried to change their moods, many tried to dah dah dah… and finally one man, Daya Ram, got up and he said: “Guru, this head is yours. Chop it off or not, doesn’t matter. But I volunteer to be beheaded by you if that is the way you want to touch your sword.” Fact is, he was taken into a tent and then a bleeding sword came out and he said: “One is not enough. I need another one.” Just try to test your faith, those of you who think you are human. Those who think that the world is nothing but sane or insanity. Those of have decided your individual life, you cannot come out of your shell. I’m asking you to go through this drama.

Third, fourth, fifth. By the time the fifth went in there was so much panic in the entire congregation. And these were the people who knew that all 80,000 of them can be killed by the Mogul Imperial forces for just BEING there! The crime to gather a gathering around Anandpur was enough to volunteer your death call by itself. These were such deathless people.

Out of that 80,000 to 90,000, only five came out. And there was a panic. Historian writes: “Some people went to the mother of Guru Gobind Singh and said, ‘He’s gone insane. Please advise him. Reach to him. He’s doing things which are unwanted, unrecorded before, unknown. This will scatter the dharma. It will tear us up. It will do us this way, do us that way.'”

After a while just understand, the five, jewelery bedecked — dressed up in a bana by the hand of Guru Gobind Rai, came out. He was still Guru Gobind Rai. They were all dressed up in a bana. So he gave them the face, he gave them the identity. And then everybody thought in their minds: “Oh my God! I should have volunteered. I should be one among these. I should be!” But they were not. Some thought of their children. Some thought of their status. Some thought of their businesses. Some thought, perhaps he is right or wrong. Doubt came through in many ways.

Five came. That is very important. But to me, it is not important. It is very important that a nine year old man can stand up and say: “Father, you are the holiest of holy. If the holiest of the holy has to sacrifice, who is there in the world except you? I can see he was totally faithfully emotional to his father’s feelings and he was too divine to understand and in his divinity he might have said it. I can understand that. If I have to apply logic to reality, because logic is always above reality and reason is above always than truth. Which humans do not know. And it will take perhaps another 5,000 years to teach you that fact.

However, just understand that that thing happened. But the greatest thing which happened was 72 hours later when Guru Gobind Rai told those five Sikhs: “Give me amrit as I gave you. I am your disciple and you initiated me and from Guru Gobind Rai make me Guru Gobind Singh.” They said: “Why? You are our Guru, full-fledged. We accept you.” He said: “No. I gave you, each one, the identity. I gave you faith and I gave you grace. Now please give me the same faith and grace and five of you do it.” And that is why “Wha Wha Gobind Singh, Apay Gur Chelaa.” A Guru became disciple in reality. And fact is, every leader, if one does not become public, he loses to be a leader.

In spirituality this reality will continue to go with us a long way. Every person who wants to be successful has to understand the grass roots. And people in authority… that’s why Sikh Dharma has a very simple message: higher you are, humbler you are. Higher you are, less you manipulate. Higher you are, less you lie. Higher you are, less you are insecure.

What does being “high” mean to us in Sikh Dharma? That we dwell in God. We trust in God. And that is always known to be 70%. Normal human ignores 70% of his environments totally and completely! And that is why church caters to people or temple caters to people, and people cater to church or temple or a synagogue or a gurdwara. You must understand that. That’s the process. Process is, the religious man, even after finding a reality, has become corrupt. And spiritual corruption is more powerful than real corruption. Because a real man doesn’t know where corruption is and he does it emotionally. Spiritual man does it wisely. And his corruption even is flawless.

But where the corruption happens? Corruption happens when a religious man, having established being religious, becomes corrupt to save his authority and does not save his mission. He does not save what made him to be spiritual. He saves to remain spiritual. And my dear folks, in my 61 years, I have seen thousands and thousands of such things. It’s not unknown.

This time in Rome, we had to have interview with Pope, and it was arranged that it will be arranged. When we reached there, because Vatican was going through some heavy changes, we were told: “The meeting is not possible.” And we said, “All right. We’ll not depend on the Secretariat of the Vatican. We’ll depend on our own resources.” So we started using our resources. And believe it or not, in Rome we have very powerful resources. And answer finally came, “No. It’s not practical, it’s not possible.” And that moment I said, “Leave it to you Guru. And don’t bother. If this meeting has to happen, it shall happen. There’s nothing in the world which can change it.” And believe it or not, early in the morning, Gobinday Singh went and he was given a one pass that Siri Singh Sahib can meet the Pope. And he said, “Oh, wait a minute. He’s head of the religion. He can’t come alone.” They said, “Oh, we’ll give you another pass.” So we two went and sat there to meet Pope John Paul II.

Now they say so, and this is their word. Holy Father doesn’t know what to say where. He’s educated on every item. He’s briefed on every item. And look how much he’s briefed. When the congregation happened to be closed, he was briefed to come all the way to bless this married couple, which is a rule that you must go to the married couple to meet and bless them, and after that, honoring that I am head of the religion and I am there and honoring that there was a mistake on their communication, they put me next to that. And honoring that man in the Vatican who always makes me go in this meeting recognized me right when I even entered the door. All was true.

Now this is how the God works… the 70% works. Instead of going there, Pope John Paul cut right through to me and came and said, “Glad you came.” He was not briefed, or was briefed, I don’t know. I thanked him for all his support for the Sikh nation. I thanked him for his association when the Golden Temple was attacked and all that. And I tell you how briefed and not briefed a man can be and how this junior thinks the senior is dumb. He said, “There is a lot has to be done and I hope you will lead it to do the lot. And my prayers are with you.” It was such a personal note which couldn’t be believed.

In spite of the fact they wanted to whisk him away, he took his time, he stood his ground. And that is nothing but the spiritual aspect of it. It is above administrative briefing. It is above administrative things. What you call it is ‘special gear.’ What you call it is ‘intuition.’ And every man has it. How to get to it?

In Sikh Dharma, getting up, rising at ambrosial hour and meditating on Infinite God will give you Infinite wisdom. It’s very simple and it’s very clear. And getting to that Infinity, then reality — when you touch Infinity in the morning, reality during the day is very comfortable. Otherwise, my dear folks, you have to take a lot of vitamins and a lot of medical advice and a lot of mental advice and you need to go to a psychiatrist on every hour because then, without Infinity already grasped by you in the morning, facing every day of reality is impossible. As yet, there is nobody born out of woman who can do it, though everybody claims they can do it. And it is a fact. Whether you are a child or you are an adult, or you are grown up or you are not grown up, this adult rationale in every adult is found: That they think that they have enough strength to face the day. It is just that mistake we do.

Without reading the possibility of how much gas we have in the car, we start on a journey and most of us start the day that way. And then when we are out of gas….isn’t it shameful that you might be driving a beautiful car and you are standing on a road with a one tin in a hand and raising your thumb, you need a lift to next gas station? Isn’t that a shameful scene you have seen many times? Do you think these people have no degrees or education, they have no college degrees? They are not successful in the life? Can you imagine a man with a Rolls Royce, his driver and he both standing and begging and when I bypass he folded his hands thinking that at least we’ll have a mercy? And we gave him a lift, that’s true. What he did is, he folded his hands thinking I am perhaps an Oriental, I will understand he is in great trouble. Just understand when they want to sell that mustard, they use Rolls Royce’s. So it means it is a status symbol. The man had a status, all right. I’m talking of a status. But he didn’t check
his gas, or his driver didn’t check. He was standing on the road without being able to move an inch. Don’t you understand in your daily life, you don’t have gas enough to face the day? And you are already started out of your house? And you have already left the gas station behind which was the ambrosial hour?

All right. Next we come to positive mind: Cherdi Kala. Cherdi Kala means Positive mind, to act neutrally. Why we are negative? Well, this is how we are. When we are born, we know by crying we get milk. Isn’t that true or not? That’s the first lesson we have learned, that by crying we get the milk. And we never stop crying until we become ninety-one. I don’t blame you for crying. I want you to cry. But just understand, there’s no mother to give you milk. There’s only your own consciousness.

The psychopathy which we go through and mentally flirt with as we are… We flirt with our consciousness. We negate our consciousness. We destroy our consciousness because what we are doing is that we think by playing the apathy/sympathy game that we are important. And some people live very dull lives, very confined lives. They have confined themselves in the rib cage. They cannot expand. They can’t see the vastness. They are too scared to see the bigger picture. They are too scared to see the reality. They’re scared to face the big reality as it is.

All of you can tell me what God is. I’ll tell you what God is. It is the totality, whatever created here and beyond, and beyond and then beyond. There is one thing which you love to be or seek to be which you won’t find anywhere: “Ant Beant Hei.” End is endless. That is what “Ek Ong Kar” actually means. “Sat Gur Prasad.” How you’ll find it? Through the blessing of the Guru. And not being in touch with Guru and being in touch with your own ego, that’s a conflict. Wisdom is to go by the wisdom of the Guru.
“Homai deeragh rog hai, daaroo bhee is maahe.”

Ego is the biggest disease, but it is also the solution.

Guru Angad,
Pg. 466, SGGS

If you say egomanically: “I will exactly do what Guru says,” and understand what Guru says and check it out what Guru says, you are interpreting right… You will find some people use spiritually for very very flirtatious, negative purposes. Some people use counseling for very negative purposes. It is such a religious situation you should understand. It is called: “Inborn-outborn.” That’s the principle. Patient becomes the counselor. Counselor becomes the patient. Spiritual teacher becomes the sangat, sangat becomes… Because where your security lies? If your security lies in God, then everything is normal. If your security lies in people, everything is abnormal. The same Guru says: “In aa jantaa kevaas koochanee.” These people have nothing to offer you, man.

What you can get is from God. But you can give it to people. What you get from people you cannot give to people. And you are the stupidest animal who walks on two legs, and you are a shame on humanity, and you’d better be dead. You are crude. You are cruel and you are absolutely shameless in the eyes of God if, as a human being, you cannot see the reality that God is still the owner, still the boss, and everything comes from God. And get it from God and give it to people. Don’t get it from people and give it to people. You are a lunatic thief in the eyes of the one-eyed God which sees everything as One.

Nobody on this earth can do this thievery and this stealing. Doesn’t matter how high-rise spiritual and how big a facade you can build about yourself you’ve got to go inside like a well. You’ve got to go inside. You put a pot in with a long rope. You’ve got to fill that pot with water and then you have to quench the thirst of people. That is the job of the Sikh. That is what Guru Gobind Singh became. He became the disciple to teach them what a disciple is. A Guru became disciple to teach students what a student is. That is where is comes from: Higher I am, Humbler I am. That is also Sikh Dharma.

Lastly there is a tenet in Sikh Dharma which you don’t understand. That is, “Sarbat ta bala.” Which is a very painful personal experience of mine. Talk to anybody. This is how I time it. I talk to anybody and everybody and I only watch one thing. I don’t care what he says. I don’t care how he says it. I don’t care what for he’s saying it. I only watch how much negative or fearful things he has said about other people. I watch it very carefully. And I, if my meditation has served me something, I can totally in a whole intense conversation, time it.

Or, secondly, I watch another grave sickness. And that is if he says nothing about people, or their uplifting or welfare or rising their spirits. One who says negative at least is in touch with people, but is selfish. But one who doesn’t say anything is totally lazy, crazy, and has nothing to do with people at large. Man’s main purpose of life is that he wishes sarbat ka bala… the good of all. Good of all is good for that man. Because in the good of all, that one is included. So long you do not have the attitude to wish good of all, you cannot go on.

That’s why the world has a message: Berlin wall has fallen, countries are falling apart. Any regimentation has to fall and democracy has to take over. Why? Because democracy is absolutely nothing. Democracy is that after five years you find out who should rule you. Because divine right of kings failed miserably. Nobody’s divine enough to rule, because they found out that authority corrupts and absolute authority corrupts absolutely… and I’ve yet to see a man who doesn’t want absolute authority. And that’s why there’s a problem.

So what did mankind come out with after divine right of kings? Killing every king and destroying every institution. And they wanted to know: “Well, who’ll rule us?” They said: “Well, we’ll rule ourselves.” “How we’ll rule it?” “So we’ll elect. First we’ll fight on a fake thing: ‘I am a Democrat, I am a Republican.’ Then I’ll fight between the two, and then one will win, and that means he’s carrying on. But just understand, that’s not more than 40-50% of participation.

Man is not basically, intentionally or physically willing to be ruled by another person. Man loves his sovereignty. Therefore to be spiritual is to love everybody’s sovereignty and not to control them, and not to negate them, but to give them something new. To help them. Sarbat ta bala. That’s why Sikh Dharma will never die. It will always live. It may be misunderstood by some. Maybe some will leave it. Some will grow with it and some will become it. But there’s a fundamental thing in Sikh Dharma and that is, ‘Sarbat ta bala.’ Nanak Nam Cherdi Kala. All spirituality teaches you that through the holy Nam, your spirit will rise. Then what it will do? If you are a higher spirit, what you will do? Then there is a fundamental answer: Sarbat ta bala. Then you will wish good of all. Not of one.

And those of you who say, “My husband doesn’t want this. My children don’t want it. My dog doesn’t like it. My cat doesn’t understand it. My parrot doesn’t come through. My dove will fly away.” How stupid and belittled you are. You should be understood by every cat, every dog, every husband, every wife, every child, every wall of every house… every molecule of this planet! Then you are human! Then you have grasped what life, Nanak, offers you. Then you’ll grasp the discipline what Guru Gobind Singh offers you.

You are all fortunate that you chose this path. But now the time has come, you have to live this path. Knowing philosophy and truth is great. But my dear friend, as I have said so many times: putting six hundred bibles on a donkey doesn’t make him a priest.

Actually when they bestowed that title on me, I never knew what a title meant. And they never knew either what they were bestowing. This truth: we started out in two years. We came back to them with a structure. They approved it page by page, line by line, word by word. We established ourselves. At one time their politics came to confront it. They said: “Some of the Indian community have objections why we have honored you.” I said: “That may be true, but we cannot now go back on it.” “Why?” They asked this question: “Why?” I said, “Our children have been born with the identity of a Santa Claus. An all good, all omnipotent, all omnipresent, all loving Siri Singh Sahib. They cannot be betrayed. This institution may be served by me or served by anybody. We’ll continue.” They said, “We’ll make you the jethadar of the Akal Takhat.” I said, “You may make me God, but not a child born in Sikh Dharma shall be betrayed. His identity shall not be confused.”

That’s why a father has an identity. You must not confuse it with your own children. Mother has an identity — “Maamaa thandiaa chaawaa.” Mother is where peace and tranquility prevail for all. It should not… What bitchy woman has the right… insecure woman has the right… to be even mother? How can she be mother? Mother means when everything comes in tranquility and peace. Every situation comes to tranquility and peace. That’s the mother. Mother is not who bitches at her husband, scares everybody, threatens to divorce every day, walks out every day, flirts with every man, thinks everything negative and manipulates everything in the world. You call that person a mother? It’s an insult to that word!

Look at that moon. Tranquil. It weans and waxes, totally predictable. Absolutely real, it reflects the sun. And look at that father — sun. Stationary, bright, beautiful, consistent. Ever there. No movement at all. “Zamee.” It is so stable that the entire earth can move around it, but sun never moves. These are the faculties. You have to look to the sky. And these are the integrities. One integrity? No. INTEGRITIES that you have to have in you that everybody who touches you, who be’s with you, is elevated. Hey you! No money can make you rich, and no power can make you great! It is the reach which you are missing.

Once a person on my staff told me one mistake: “Sir, you don’t call this person back. She is very upset and abusive.” I very calmly said: “Could you please put her on the line and then gracefully leave the room before I punch your face?” “Well, what I have done wrong?” I said, “You have not done wrong. You are out of your jurisdiction. Person has called Siri Singh Sahib. Not Harbhajan Singh. And Siri Singh Sahib shall answer the call. Otherwise he is not Siri Singh Sahib.” “But I’m warning you…” I said, “The warning is too little. You can shoot me on that.”

I called the person. Extremely negative, very abusive, and after about 25 minutes I said, “Well, three minutes of this call cost $1.25. So it is 30 minutes now. So it is almost about $15.00, the cost of this communication, and is your steam out yet or not? Does sense prevail? Do you understand that negativity is a self-cruelty? And we have those bodies which do not allow cruelty to animals. Though you are at this time beastly and angry,

you should not allow this cruelty to yourself. There should be no cruelty to self. And that’s very unfortunate.”

And when parents do not talk to their children and they do not understand, then they are old age. They should be sent to a junk yard. They do not have flexibility to come down to the value of a three year old, nine year old, five year, sixteen year, twenty year old.

I had a very serious problem in Florida this time and I was told to keep myself out of it. You know how much I kept myself out of it? I immediately called a meeting. Immediately! And without asking one thing I blasted them left and right. They were all shaken. I achieved my purpose. Psychological threat was very good. And later on I asked what they are doing. What’s the feedback? They said they were very confused. I said, “We achieved number one.” Then we asked for another meeting. And we clearly told them what reality is. Yes, sixty prcent understood and forty percent were afraid to understand. Because they had to give their commotional, emotional nonsense. And that’s everybody’s attitude.

People think by negativity… by playing negative and playing… we can get attention and attention. People think that we can be rich and we can have everything. Folks, it is not true.

There are two things I give you today: Reach out to your soul and reach out to everybody’s soul. That is the most richest asset to be a human. Otherwise, the rest is all a joke, and you can play the fake game until your death, but you will never see God! You have nothing to do with God to start with if you cannot see God in everything on this planet. All you see is your anger, your insecurity, your negativity, your manipulation. What you are seeing? “Deindaa de lainde thak paah. Jugaa jugantar kaahe kaah. Hukamee hukam chalaa-e raah. Naanak vigase veparvaah.” God is carefree, everlasting, endless, and gives us all the time and to all.

You have to conceive that God here so that you can deliver over there. And that is divinity! That is what I have learned from the life of Guru Gobind Singh and that is what I have learned from Kundalini Yoga. I searched for it. I worked for it. I put in my whole life into it. Because I wanted to know a procedure: how the Kundalini can surjhofide? How Kundalini Surjhee of Guru Ram Das… how Kundalini… how yoga has to be celebrated in the words of Guru Gobind Singh: Re Man Eh Bidh Jog Kamaaoh. What all the shabads about yoga in Siri Guru Granth Sahib actually in depth mean. They mean a lot. They can measure a lot to your dreams.

If you want to know why your dreams do not come true, I just want to tell you a little mistake you all do. You stretch your… Because I am a Virgo, I know it. When I was Virgo, my Pandit made my horoscope. And he said: “Horoscope of a man who shall just be everywhere on this planet. He will run around everything.” And I told him: “What do you mean by ‘everywhere?’ ” And he said: “That fits in. You are a Virgo. Because you even question ‘everywhere.’ But use this power of questioning. Where everywhere is, you will find it.” I have never forgotten it. He said: “With this analytical mind which you as a Virgo have got, Balka, (‘balka’ means a little child) find out where the root of God is. If you find the root of the God, fruit of the God shall be with you.” I never forgot that. And I wanted to share that with you so that you may not forget it too.

Be negative if you cannot find what positive is. That much you are allowed. But being negative to be negative, and sharing that negativity is self- destruction. Hey! Everybody who is born has to die. Everybody who is born has to be fed. Everybody will live and survive. Even people with bag and homeless also live and survive and you cannot change the entire world in one man, but you can change yourself in Guru’s way. You can change reality in Guru’s way. Guru has to become guide.

And my greatest salutation and sublimation, and my salutation to Guru Gobind Singh is that he made us free from the man. He gave us Siri Guru Granth. Total knowledge! Absolutely laid out flat, direct, simple, straight and with a smile. No twist. Man may change his dimensions, but Siri Guru Granth has no dimensions to change. Moment you take the hukam, it shall repeat to you same thing. Whether you offer one dollar, you offer one million dollars, hukam shall come and it’s direct between you and the Guru. You read it, you understand it, and you interpret it.

Yes, why people are negative? You will ask me this question. If they are not negative, why you should be positive? Of what use of your positive role if people are not negative? Why people are miserable? If you are not finding people miserable, negative, horrible, all that, where you fit in? Just to fit you in. Why there is a skunk? So that you can be careful not to fool around with any animal. Though they look very pretty, when a skunk raises his tail it sends a message to the bear: “Watch out, boy! You will stink many days.”

Then question is, “Why should we stink with that stink? Why should you take that garbage? Why should we meet negative people? Why not protect yourself?” No, my dear. You are dead wrong! And I want to tell you today that in Siri Guru Granth there is only one commandment. And I go with you and if there are nine like this, tell me. “Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Karta Purkh Nirbhao Nirvair Akal Moorat Ajoonee Saibhang Gurprasaad.”

There is but ONE God who’s creation this is. Identity is true. We are not born in sin and guilt.

Karta Purkh: God does everything and so the person.

Nirbhao, Nirvair: He’s fearless what He does and He has no vengeance. He is Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Well represented.

Akal Moorat: He made everything in His own image, what He wanted, the totality of it.

Ajoonee: Without coming and going. Atma is Paramatma. Atma is always, forever, it is part of you which keeps you life, and which your master and is yourself, because of which you live is always Infinite.

Saibhang: By Itself. It took the life by itself.

Gurprasaad: Through Guru’s grace you will understand that.

The question is, what we are going to understand? Well, we are going to stand under what?

There’s one commandment: Jap! Repeat! Jap means say it again and again and again. Repeat. What?

“Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach”. In the Infinite it was truth, in the beginning it was truth, through the time it is true, now it true, Nanak true it shall be. If everything is true, why you are messing up, then?

The problem is then in: ‘repeat.’ That is where we goof. If somebody’s negative once, and we want him to be positive, we repeat once, twice, three times, four times. You do not understand… keep on doing! It is a jappa. Keep on repeating. That is where you fit in with strength, and that strength comes from sadhana. Therefore it is true what is said: ‘Sadhana, Aradhana, Prabhupati.’ Those who do sadhana… do it the way as they put their whole self into it. Wholehearted sadhana is called aradhana. Prabhupati — You become the master of the Almighty God which created you.

And I tell you why God likes you. Because every son wants his son to be better than him. Every God wants every human to be better than Him. So God can represent a peace, tranquility and everlasting identity, and that’s what God is.

Therefore, please, whatever I have said, I have said as it came through me. I’d like you to take this tape and repeat it and understand me… what I am trying to tell you. I am telling you the life is a gift. It is a gift. It is a gift. You have been befitting to get this gift. “Gur kirpaa te bhagat kamaaee, taa-e maanas deh paaeh. Is de-hee ko simar dev.” With Guru’s grace we worshipped and we got this body. This body is a temple in which our soul lives in the rib cage and the breath of life is a kiss of God which comes to us fifteen times average every minute.

Those of you who are negative, positive, neutral, great or small, I just want to tell you: within the word “small”, “all” is contained. And let us be master of our strength, not slave or prisoner of our weakness. Let us get out of this jungle and have a breathing time to see ourselves and our lives together.

What I am trying to tell you is that life is a gift, and this gift is very rare. It is a Christmas gift to you. It is a New Year’s gift to you. It is a birthday gift to you, this body. These children are a gift of God to you. Your life is a gift to you. Your environments are a gift to you, therefore there is no reason to be negative. “Kalaa kalatarbase, kario pani naa se.” Where negativity prevails, even water leaves the pot in the house, and people die of thirst. They cannot quench their thirst. Positive is very good and it is good enough to remain positive.

And how can you remain positive? That’s the question. How you can face the day? That’s what I said yesterday. Just 25 times a day do this repeat… do this jappa: “Ang Sang Wahe Guru.” And when you say that, for that one second just feel Guru is with you. Once you feel Guru is with you, God is with you, wisdom is with you, positiveness is with you, your strength is with you, you are with you, then the whole world will be with you.

And some people use this tactic: “Oh, I can find the word of my own.” No, folks!
Gur bin ghor andhaar guru bin samajh na aavai.
Without Guru there is absolute darkness.

–Swaya, (Pg. 1399), in Praise of Guru Ram Das

Without Guru there is a darkness, in spite of all light. Without Guru there is no knowledge which you can achieve and practice. It is the self-guidance and experience which is the Guru which takes you from darkness to light. We are not talking of changing lanes in the freeway. We are not talking of changing communities. We are not talking about nobility. Nobility of place, space, environment, circumstances and personality will not go anywhere.

I was advising one woman. She wanted to divorce her husband so badly. She said, “If you permit this, I’ll do everything.” I said, “Give me a promise. If I permit you to divorce your husband, you will do everything that I say, right now.” She said, “Yes.” But I said, “I don’t guarantee when I’ll permit you.” She said, “Fine. Just give me an idea that you will permit it. Just give that idea.” I said, “All right. You are granted that you can divorce your husband.” She said, “Wow. Sat Nam. Wahe Guru. Wonderful. You are great, Sir!” She hugged me so much my turban fell off. I said, “Wow!” Then I said, “Now, the other part you are not listening to.” She said, “What?” I said, “Other part is, for 90 years, 99 year lease, you shall remain positive.” She said, “I’m going to do that! When am I going to divorce the husband?” I said, “That was not the condition. Condition was to grant you only. Not do it. I only permitted you.” “No, you cheated me!” I said, “You can say anything you want. You can blame me for
anything. I agree that you can divorce your husband.” “You agreed and you hugged me. See what you have done to me?” She said, “That is agreed. Now when I can do it?” I said, “The first 99 year lease, you have to sign with me. You have to remain positive, it doesn’t matter what. And after that, you can divorce him.” She said, “Wait a minute! What are you talking about?” I said, “I am talking about the terms of Infinity.” “Why you are doing this?” I said, “There are six children involved. They are the gift of God. I have raised them, I have played with them, I have been with them. They are tomorrow. If anybody talks of a great tomorrow, you must talk of great children today. And that’s what it is.”

So what I am asking you is: tomorrow these children which are grown… you came to become Sikhs. They are Sikhs. Please understand that. There’s a difference, there’s a very vital difference which you are very sensitive to understand. We are Sikhs and we became Sikhs voluntarily by our consciousness, by our circumstances, by any charm, by any notion, it doesn’t matter, but these are born Sikhs. They look to you for guidance, for love, and for guidance and love so that they can remain and become better Sikhs. Please don’t betray them. Please come through with them. And that is the highest sadhana. That is the highest achievement, and for that no man can reward you. God shall do it Himself. Because God gave you a Sikh in your own house. That Sikh of the Guru is in your own house. You are the guardian angel to protect, guide, nurture and nourish that Sikh. And these children have destiny.

I was communicating in Florida. I was talking to Guru Ditta Singh and he said, “What I have to do? Sometimes I don’t understand.” I said, “You have to understand nothing. Guru gave you to me. ‘Guru Ditta’ means ‘Guru gave’ and I got it. Now what are you talking about?” He said, “Matter is resolved. Situation is solved. I understand.” I said, “No. Next week you can ask the same question and I’ll give you the same answer.” He said, “I know that. I should have been… I am intelligent enough.” I said, “You are very intelligent. You are very intelligent. You are my child. You are born through my hands. I am not doubting your intelligence. I am doubting your security. Have you that security which your intelligence tells you?”

Because you must understand that it is the deliverance which matters. If you have intelligence, you have wisdom, you have environments, you have capacity, you have capability and you have everything known to you, but if you cannot deliver, you cannot deliver. And the missal, the missile, which delivers… that’s why Sikh Dharma is always divided in missals that in class, as a class, as a miracle we can deliver the impossible. That’s the purpose. Purpose is we have to deliver our own tomorrow, that face and that grace which Guru Gobind Singh asked by becoming a chela from the Khalsa.

And now you, the Khalsa, have to deliver that to your own tomorrow, and that is the biggest sadhana, and that’s the biggest reality, and that’s the biggest truth!

And I tell you… close you with a shocking news. More shocking than anything else you understand. You know Nirinjan Singh who is with me? Nothing can shock him. His hand blew up. Nothing shocked him. Nothing shocks him. He’s a shockproof man. He was with me and we were going downtown. Downtown Los Angeles. Downtown. All of a sudden we turned the corner. You know how alert he is security-wise? Sensitive. A little young girl, her top hairs were red, and in between there was a strap of blond. Underneath they were black and her clothes I don’t want to describe. She came and she totally hugged me. “Yogiji! Sat Nam!” I looked around, I saw in her eyes this same love, same everything, you can believe me or not. I said, “Child, how are you?” She said, “I made my day. I made my year. I have found you! Thank you! Sat Nam!” I couldn’t believe it. She was wearing every religious symbol, but the kirpan from down south, Hazoor Sahib, was the most prominent hanging from her neck. That was her
necklace. And I looked at her hair and I looked in her eyes and she totally disappeared in a few seconds.

We came and sat in a restaurant. I said, “Nirinjan, try to find out where she is. She must be around this area.” Poor guy did everything but he was so shocked he couldn’t see anything. He came back. He said, “She must have been daughter of somebody who left 3HO.” I said, “That’s evident. That’s not a great news. That is very virtually available.” I mean to say, seeing in downtown… in that area where we only go with police escort plus our security. I mean, she is there and the way she was, that was very well aware who she was and then Nirinjan Singh sat down and he said, “Now I know who she is.” And tear fell off my eyes. Somebody said, perhaps I am
crying. I said, “I am joyful. At least she has had one moment of real happiness, whatever she is going to.” That is Sarbat Ka Bala. I said: “I pray to God and Almighty to protect her, wherever she is.” Because still in her lips the most profound word was “Sat Nam”.

So training doesn’t go to waste. Maybe all fruits won’t rise and ripen to be on the plate of the king but they can be on the plate of people to quench their hunger and thirst. Your children are the prophets of tomorrow and they are the God’s gift and the prophets of today. That’s what you got in those children.

Sometime I reach you and try to approach you and your negativity is so powerful that you even block me out. I welcome that communication even, because I do feel that tomorrow’s children must have tomorrow’s great future and you who are walking into the ’90’s can make it happen.

Your personal negativity… husband is negative/positive; mother is positive/negative; wife is positive/negative; environments are positive/negative… this yo-yo will continue, but please don’t let it affect your children. Please save them from your self-cruel torture through which you go because you play the apathy/sympathy game. Please understand that if you don’t give your tomorrow a chance, God will not give you a chance. And try to understand it. Try to understand deeply that your future has been given to you by the hand of God, and God is watching whether you deliver it or not.

I understand your feelings. I understand your emotions. I understand your tranquility and non-tranquility. I understand your rude, crude abusiveness to me. I understand. But just understand for God’s sake, I am 61 years old, I have seen a lot of moons, and no lunatic man is enough to bother me, and your lunatic language doesn’t bother me at all provided I can be guaranteed that it will not affect your own children — it will not affect your own.

I was counseling in Florida one father and he was just arguing with me on one ground or the other. “I don’t get to see my son. I want, I, I, I…” I said, “Just don’t try to be hyper. Just try to tell me something. Your wife is too good, she doesn’t offend you. And you don’t like her to be positive.” He said, “That’s true.” “And your income is enough that you can make both ends meet. That’s enough.” I said, “There is no trouble in your life, right?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Now you want to bring your son and create a trouble?” He said, “I don’t understand it.” I said, “You want to possess something like a furniture? You want to make an impact on somebody’s life so that person has no identity? Do you believe that God doesn’t give everybody their own destiny? And as a father he doesn’t give you a gift as a son? What you want to do?” He said, “Oh, um, what I want to do? I want to know my son, that as it is.” I said, “This is Florida. Go out, look at the sun. See how it is. If you can look at the sun, see how
bright it is, how beautiful it is, how consistent it is, how real it is. Come in and tell me.” “Would I go blind?” I said, “Yes, you will. Looking at sun is not medically advised. Don’t look at your son. Pray. Don’t look at him. Don’t look down at him. Look up to him.” “What am I supposed to do? How I should do?” I said, “Very simple. Every day pray: ‘God, give me strength that all my weakness should not be in my child, and God, give me a strength that all my positiveness and every positiveness should be in my child.” I said, “Do that my child every day. At least do it tomorrow and tell me.”

Next day he caught me in a corner. He said, “Sir, I am very grateful to you. Can I touch your feet?” I said, “No, no touching of feet business. Talk to me face to face.” He said, “First I want to apologize. I was negative yesterday.” I said, “That’s true you were very abusive, negative and very crude like a crude-oil and you were not in a position to be contained. I can understand that.” Second, he said, “Sir, I want to apologize.” I said, “Forgiven.” Which is normal. “I want to thank you.” I said, “Where is the gift? Thank me for what? Empty handed? What do you mean, ‘thanking me?'” He said, “No, sir, you gave me a gift. I’ll give you a gift.” I said, “What I gave you?” He said, “You gave my son in the real sight of me. You really gave me my son. Today I have my son. I never had it before. I wanted a territory to rule. That was my son to me. Today I have a future in my son. Today I see my son with your eyes.” I said, “Don’t we sing a Song of Khalsa? And what is that last line, what are the men
called?” Go ahead, let us sing that line:

Sons of the Khalsa, remember those who died.
Stood their ground until their last breath
so we who live now might live free lives.
Daughters of the Khalsa, in your strength our future lies.
Give our children fearless minds to see the world through
the Guru’s eyes.

If these two lines you can understand, you have understood Guru Gobind Singh totally, fearlessly, freely and absolutely. I might have given you a lot of teachings and I might have brought you a lot of joy and I might have brought you a lot of exalted happiness, but the Song of the Khalsa which you wrote and you sing… you have given to the future of Sikh Dharma a precise teaching, so condensed that just understanding that, man becomes soldier and saint, absolutely in the face and grace of the Fatherly Divine, Guru Gobind Singh, Mata Sahib Deva.

And I hope what I have said today will have the blessing of the Guru and will directly reach your heart and reach your head. Folks, be at peace. And the price of peace is the head and the heart. Otherwise you are at war. Less than that, nothing matters in the life. So I hope you will give a chance to your future, and see your future, and you will put every negative/positive/neutral, nothing-everything into it, so that when your children, tomorrow, become people, they should pray for you.

There’s a one thing in Hindu Dharma, if somebody dies, the children go every year, once a year, so they can pitar bhakshaanee. Pitar bhakshaanee is a ceremony in Hindu Dharma. They go. They do lot of charity, a lot of feeding and a lot of holy Nam and they chant for a lot of time and they do it all for the parents who have left. That means it is a continuous token of respect, a child offers to his father, though they have left and gone. With you, you should create a future tomorrow and your children should be so proud of you that in every sadhana, everyday, they should appreciate you that you gave them a chance to be with the Guru.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!
(Hukum is taken in Gurmukhi)

This is a very qualifying hukam. You must understand translation of it.

This is the hukam in the words of Guru Teg Bahadur, the worldly father of Guru Gobind Singh, and 9th Guru of the Sikhs. And this hukam has come to you, on Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday, you are celebrating. I’d like you to understand every word of it, what it says.

HUKAM Jaitsari, 9th Guru.

There is but One God, by True Guru’s Grace is He obtained.

My erring soul is entangled with mammon. Whatever deeds I do attached with avarice, with them all, I am binding myself down.


I cultivate not true understanding and am engrossed in simple pleasures and have forgotten the praise of God.

The Lord is ever with me. Him I recognize not and run, keeping Him in the forest.

The Lord’s jewel is within my mind, and His knowledge I have not.

Oh Serf Nanak, without the fortunate Lord’s meditation, the human life is lost in vane.

To celebrate Siri Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday, it will not be complete… the one aspect of Guru Gobind Singh was very evidently real, not only that he was qualified to give his father to go and stand the test of time and space, not only that he asked the five beloved ones to stand the test of time and space, but he as a worldly father gave four children of his own, the education, the profile — psychological, biological, personal, spiritual — that they stood the time. Remember one thing, they were not Gurus. They were just children. And they were teenagers. They were not all the way up on the ladder of age or anything.

As Siri Singh Sahib I will announce a prize for any parents who shall write a profile. The heading of the profile shall be:

“Deliverance — What Parents Can Do to Raise Their Children That They Can Give Deliverance Against Time and Space and Stand Like Sons and Daughters of Guru Gobind Singh.”

I do not want to announce the amount of reward but it shall be a cash reward and it will be worth the effort of any parents who can write together. And I’m not going to judge it myself but I will let this go through the Khalsa Council. And I want you to all participate, because we need a profile, a process to create a profile, in which, like Guru Gobind Singh, we can create the sons and daughters in His Name who can stand in the brick wall and not shed a tear, who can stand against hundred thousands of enemies and can stand the ground from dawn to dusk. We need a future that strong, that powerful, that clear and that understandable. And we have a chance, and chance is now. When we are starting on the road of prosperity, time is opening us to all the opportunities. What we want is that we want to have the future, the tomorrow, in a psychological, sociological, biological, spiritual and personal structure in which a guideline can be there so that we can give our future a chance.

I assure you that you will be very pleased with the amount and will find the time worthwhile. We’ll judge it that way. It should be open to all parents. Sikhs, non-Sikhs. Believers, nonbelievers. So long you are people you can participate in it, and by the time of the Baisakhi Khalsa Council, we’ll expect the entry. I shall ask the executive secretary of the New Mexico Sikh Dharma to send a letter out to all congregations wherever they are, to make them understand that this participation is open and is required to be sent to the Los Angeles Headquarters Office and it should be done before I leave, that everybody should be informed of this opportunity.

We need a collective wisdom, we need a collective participation to come out to a certain understanding of how we can raise our children that they can stand the time and space with the inner and outer strength and perform to be proud human beings, even against death. I hope with this understanding, you understand my sentiments.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!




Location: Espanola, NM

Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Copyright © The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan


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