Is it Giving Tuesday – Already?

Giving Tuesday - Save the Date - December 3

Sat Nam Dear Friends and Family,

You’re right! It’s not giving Tuesday – Yet. It’s just 4 Weeks Away! Giving Tuesday is December 3rd.

What is Giving Tuesday, anyway?

Giving Tuesday is an Internationally recognized day when we focus on charitable “Giving” and expressing our gratitude for all things good in our lives. It was started in 2012 by the United Nations Foundation and the 92nd St Y as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season (Black Friday and Cyber Monday)

So, we’re asking you to please carve out a special place in your giving-heart ❤️ for giving a special thanks to Sikh Dharma International – for all the inspiration, education and sharing of the Guru’s teachings that you have appreciated and that we have been blessed to share over this past year.

We are just about to complete our 40th Week of Japji Sahib Meditations, which if you’re anything like me, you loved!

A very very happy Guru Nanak’s 550th Birthday to us all….we are one global family of Sat Nam(ers), thanks to Guru Nanak! We’re grateful that the Siri Singh Sahib introduced us to this vast ocean of Guru’s teachings and his great love of Guru that forged us as a growing, prosperous, global family.

….and by the way, if you want to give today and not wait until Giving Tuesday, that’s okay too; please do…you’ll get your blessings earlier. 👳
Humbly with Love and Blessings,
Kirtan-Singh Khalsa
Fund Development Director
Sikh Dharma International

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