Press Conference and Presentation of Japji Sahib in 19 Languages

On November 7, 2019, a press conference took place as part of the Light of Guru Nanak Yatra, to present the original 400 page “Light of Guru Nanak for the World” Volume, which includes Japji Sahib in 19 languages.  Then on November 8, 2019, this sacred volume was offered as a gift to the Golden Temple Museum on behalf of the Sangat of Sikh Dharma International.


Here is a photo slideshow that includes images from both events:



Press Conference Video:

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In Gratitude

Thank you to all of the people in communities around the globe who contributed to the translation of Japji Sahib into their local language, so that the beauty of Japji Sahib can be shared with more people worldwide.  Also, special thanks to Jiwan Randhir Singh, aka Timothy Teruo Watters, the artist responsible for all of the art on each page of this sacred volume. (He the man on the far right in the picture above and is in the picture slide show as well).

Thanks also to Sardarni Guru Amrit Kaur Khalsa, who conceived of the idea of putting this sacred volume together and to SS Guru Kirin Kaur Khalsa who brought all of the pieces together.

Replicas of this special Japji Sahib Scripture Volume are available, while supplies last.  Visit our Commemorative Japji Sahib Volume page for more information.

Blessings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to All!


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