January 2015 Numerology


January –  Number 1 – Guru Naanak – the Soul

The dharma of 1 is humility, self-initiation, focus.

The karma of 1 is humiliation, isolation, loneliness, lack of  will.

Nobody humiliates us. It is our refusal to be small, to acknowledge our minuteness in the midst of the vastness, which leaves us exposed to forces that are designed to give us the sense of belittlement.

Likewise it is our own misunderstanding of the feeling of being alone that puts us into the state of isolation. Even though we have each our own uniqueness there is no one alone.

Great journeys and great events start from humble beginnings. Just the willingness to begin can be enough. Take one step and many things come to meet you on the way. It is for this that our individuality is needed in order to be able to self-initiate.

January is a month for setting the seeds of the year to come, gathering the will to achieve and from there initiating new resolutions. This may happen through the winter’s rest and inner rejuvenation, and/or also through focused intention of mind and thought towards your goals for the year.

The whole tree is contained in the seed. Our thoughts, words and actions during January are also like seed containing all that is to unfold over the year.

In the same way the Mul Mantra, spoken by Guru Naanak, contains the whole of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, as well as the vibration of each of the Gurus that followed in the line of Naanak.
The first expression (EK) of the Mul Mantra is the seed of the seed and all unfolds from there.

Ek is the number 1. It speaks of the unity of, and the solidarity between, all souls. It is the month to salute the soul in yourself and, from there, to salute the soul in all.

 Spiritual suggestions for the month:

Mini Kriyas for stimulating and awakening the Kundalini.

Meditations for setting intention and projection.

Recitation and reflection on the Mul Mantra.

Morning call (Adi Shakti, ashtanga, mantra): Ek Ong Kar Sat Naam Sri Wha Heguru

Taking long walks to walk your destiny down into the material plane.

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