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Encontrando Nuestro Camino Hacia El Guru

No es que, años atrás, hice un plan de llegar a donde ahora me encuentro. Pero, como la mayoría de nosotros, seguí tomando decisiones que pensé me mantendrían moviéndome en la dirección correcta - mi Verdadero Norte. Sin ninguna atención de hacer eso, reconocí un sentimiento creciente de guía divina dirigiéndome siempre hacia adelante.

Shabad Guru – Sound that Transforms

It’s a beautiful, crisp November morning in northern New Mexico. We're gathered under the cottonwood trees waiting to carry the Siri Guru Granth Sahib—our Shabad Guru (sacred scriptures revered as the "living" Guru for Sikhs)—in a procession to our temple.  It's Guru Gaddee Day - the day that commemorates the installation of our
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La Ciencia del Naad y Gurbani

Naad significa “la esencia de todos los sonidos.” Todos los lenguajes contienen sonidos que se relacionan con uno o más de los cinco elementos, aire, fuego, agua, tierra o éter. Gurbani es una combinación y permutación perfecta de sonidos relacionándose con los cinco elementos en balance completo. Cuando Guru Arjan Dev, el quinto Guru Nanak,

The Science of Naad and Gurbani

Siri Guru Granth Sahib is the Guru and it contains the Guru. What is the Guru? It is the formula for experiencing one's own divinity. Naad means "the essence of all sounds." All languages contain sounds, which relate to one or more of the five elements of air, fire, water, earth, and ether.

Guided with Love

Originally posted in the Fall 2018 SDI Ministry Newsletter There is a saying that God is always working in our best interest to serve us and we just need to connect with this energy to deliver the goals or prayer we are seeking. Throughout my life, I’ve explored how this happens and

Celebrating the Birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

As was customary in India in the 1400s, an astrologer was called to cast the horoscope for a newborn infant. He amazed everyone by saying, “This is no ordinary child. This infant is a divine incarnation.” He predicted that this soul would have a profound influence on the world. The astrologer was definitely right, for
Image courtesy of Gurumustuk Singh.