Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma (2016-2017 Testimonials)

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When I began the course I did not have much knowledge of Sikh Dharma and Sikh writings, other than Japji.  My main goals were to learn about Sikh prayers, philosophy and ceremony, as well as deepen my relationship with the Guru.  It has been an amazing and wonderful journey and I am a different person than I was when I began the course.  The information that was presented and doing the exercises allowed me to explore the Dharma and go deeper into myself.  As my relationship with the Guru grew stronger so did my daily practice.    This was my main goal for taking the course and my expectations were exceeded.  What I did not know was how completing the assignments and deepening my relationship with the Guru would change me, and change my life.  I am a better teacher and more at peace with life than I have ever been.  I feel the presence of Guru Nanak, Guru Arjan, and Guru Ram Das in my daily life and I call on them for guidance and inspiration.

…Sat Pritam Singh

What a wonderful experience this course has been! It certainly has been a “Journey”!

As a class we’ve done more than dabble our toes into what Sikh Dharma is. We’ve all shared our thoughts, questions, experiences and emotions. We are people from many diverse backgrounds and live in several different continents and time zones. Some of us really had no experience or knowledge as to what the Dharma was and others have been living the Sikh way for awhile or many years. Yet we became our own Sangat because we were drawn together by our curiosity to learn more about the wonders the Sikh Dharma teaches. As human beings there is always the big question of why we are here, what is our purpose during our time here? The Dharma gives us a road map and this course gives us the door to step in and give a look around to the possibilities life can offer.

This course definitely has opened my eyes to God being within us all. The study of the Dharma has been really good for me on a daily level because starting my day with the proper intentions and attitude is centering. I know that it is important to be “radiant” in my actions, and attitude. It is important to consciously look to see who can I help today, how can I make someone’s life a little sweeter, happier, easier.

I really have enjoyed learning more about the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. The Daily Hukams are fastinating and very interesting to read through and contemplate just what they might mean for mean on that day.  I really have enjoyed learning more about the Banis and just where they all fit in during one’s day. Japji is about as good as I’ve been able to digest, but it is amazingly beautiful and satisfying. I plan on continuing it’s study and digging into Gurbani more deeply.

…Jai Parkash

When I first decided to sign up for this course I did it with the intention of learning more about Sikh Dharma. I had only taken Amrit a few months prior to our first class and was ready to continue diving in. I loved the reading assignments, and our presenters, and certainly learned about Sikhi in more depth, but I think what has struck me the most, when I reflect back on this course, is what I learned about myself. Each time I sat down to write out that week’s assignment, my heart would fill up with such love and devotion, and that love would spill effortlessly out onto the paper. Every cell would light up as my heart completely took over. This was such an incredible experience for me because, with each assignment, I could feel my heart and mind aligning…something I have struggled with for some time. It was like I was finally being given permission to open my heart and speak about the depth of my love and devotion for God. That is so huge! Each assignment opened my heart even more, and every time it opened an even greater devotion was revealed to me. It’s as though it had been tucked away for lifetimes, and it was finally being given the attention and the space it needed to feel alive again. I was finally seeing myself in my own light. When given the space to freely express my love and devotion for God without judgement, I blossomed. I found the thing that makes me sparkle…really sparkle! and I am so grateful.   … Sangat Dhyan Kaur

This course, once again, exceeded my expectations, in all its offerings, in each and every breath of the Presenters, and in each and every assignment.

My experience of interaction between fellow students was one of encouragement, support, and inspiration that goes beyond the class experience.

Each Class offered me just what I needed and the tools to work with that. The opportunity to be together as a Sangat, to deeply connect with each other, to feel our Oneness in our diversity, to be encouraged and inspired amidst whatever personal challenges we were each going through…I especially was inspired by the session on Pillars of Sikh Dharma with Sada Sat Simran Singh. It was a very deep and powerful class for me personally. Within myself I felt Poked, Provoked, Uplifted, and Forklifted to a deeper experience and understanding of who I am. I felt delivered to an experience of my Self! I came out on the other side of that class changed somehow, different than when the class began two hours earlier…The session on Gurbani/Naad Yoga, presented by Mata Mandir Singh really is fascinating to me. Even though I failed to get the written assignment finished for that class, I have been experiencing it each day of my life! The power and possibilities of this technology are very inspiring and I connect deeply with these teachings. … Saranbir Kaur

I am happier today than I have ever been…happy in the sense that whatever happens, I know that I have everything I need to be okay.  God will cover me.  Learning how to trust is a skill that I have gained from this course.

Before JHSD, I practiced kundalini yoga.  I thought that I couldn’t live without it.

Today, I am a newly baptized Sikh, and I couldn’t live without Guru in my life.  My focus has shifted from “raising my awareness and kundalini” towards connecting with Guru, in myself and in all.

I feel deeply touched by the relationship that is blossoming with Guru, and I am excited to see how this will continue to grow.

The classes were so rich with wisdom, love, and sweetness, I want to go back and listen to them all, as they were offered.  Partly because my attendance was spotty at times and also because I know I will pick up so much more.

I feel as though I have come home…and my trepidations about becoming Sikh (something I didn’t even know about a few months ago) are being replaced by confidence and devotion.

I have a deep desire to learn more and to continue my education in Sikh Dharma, Gurmukhi, the Shabad Guru and kundalini yoga.

Sat Sangat Kaur

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